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New Year’s Resolutions

January 2, 2018

NY's ResolutionNew Year’s resolutions might be cliché, but I still try to make one and stick to it every year. 2017 was all about eating more fruits and veggies – I’ve done quite well with the exception of November and December. So, for 2018, I hereby solemnly swear in writing on Working Smarter Café to become more “in the know” on the latest industry news and trends. I could do a much better job at being aware of what’s out there. My resolution is to spend 30 minutes every day browsing headlines and reading articles.

Have you decided what your New Year’s resolution will be? If you need some help, feel free to borrow the education theme from me. Below are some links to help you stay “in the know” with Kronos:

  • Kronos Community: Connect with a thriving customer community for support and insight, whether it’s Workforce Dimensions, Workforce Ready, Workforce Central, or one of our specialty products.
  • KnowledgePass: Subscribe for anytime access to consistent training and information that helps you work smarter.
  • Workforce Matters: This is our monthly customer newsletter focused on helping you better understand your workforce. Subscribe via our website or access past editions in our archive on the Kronos Community.
  • The Workforce Institute: A think tank focused on empowering organizations through education and research, The Workforce Institute features podcasts and posts about helping you make positive and timely changes to employee management and engagement.
  • Social Media: Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.
  • Newsroom: Stay up to date on the latest innovations and news from Kronos.

Happy New Year! Here’s to keeping promises and successfully achieving goals.

What do you think about Working Smarter Café?

December 28, 2017

I’d like to thank all of our dedicated followers across all channels. Thank you for reading our blog regularly and investing your time in the content we post! I hope you know how much I enjoy sharing ideas related to how we all might work smarter.

As this year comes to a close and a new one begins, I’d like to present the opportunity for you to share your thoughts about Working Smarter Cafe. Please let us know by taking this brief 4-part survey! All responses are anonymous, and any and all feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

Thanks again! Working Smarter Cafe feedback survey

thank you

Unlimited vacation and why it’s awesome

December 26, 2017

reindeerI might have whined a little about how busy December is in my last post, but nobody feels it more than Santa and his elves. It’s non-stop, around the clock for them as they work to bring joy to the boys and girls all over the world. It’s quite the operation. But today, on the 26th, all North Pole personnel are enjoying some well-deserved myTime – I know because I heard for myself when I visited last week. Pictured is proof of a friend and me posing with Rudolph and a few others on the sleigh team.

Kronos is one of the cool companies offering employees unlimited vacation. Here – and at the North Pole – we call it myTime, which is simply open time off. What this means is that employees are not bound by traditional set-in-stone vacation periods or held back by having to accrue time. Instead, vacation is limitless. Our CEO, Aron Ain, discusses the choice to move forward with this policy and its impact on the organization in the Harvard Business Review article The CEO of Kronos on Launching an Unlimited Vacation Policy.

While the switch in policy did lead to some initial rumblings, I absolutely love it. Here are four (personal) reasons why it’s so great:

  1. Family first – Aron is a strong advocate for prioritizing family over business, and myTime plays into that philosophy. It’s great to know that if something comes up and I need to take time to be with my family, I don’t have to worry about the number of days left in my vacation bank. Putting family first is important to him, and that makes me feel comfortable following that model myself.
  2. Empowered – I feel empowered to make my own decisions about my schedule and do what works best for me. This may be a simple privilege, but it’s a really rewarding feeling.
  3. Work-life balance – Because I’m empowered to make these decisions, I have the flexibility to achieve a balance between my personal and professional life that I deem most fitting. It removes the pressures that simple life events like visiting the dentist or going to the RMV can sometimes trigger.
  4. Engaged – If I need a personal day, myTime encourages me to take it. There’s no need to “save up” days for planned time off, so why not take some me-time when I need it? These occasional recharge days can be just as important for keeping employees happy and engaged in their work as more lengthy vacations.

I understand that this approach doesn’t work for everyone – like for organizations in healthcare or retail, for example – but it’s certainly an attractive benefit to offer employees when feasible. Check out more about uncapped time-off policies via the Workforce Institute Radio podcast Are You Ready for Unlimited Vacation Time? and hear Aron speak about it on NPR!

Less time, more value: How Paragon contributes to successful customer outcomes

December 21, 2017

December often feels like the busiest month of the year. There are decorations to put up, holiday parties to attend, Christmas shopping to complete, gifts to wrap, people to see, places to go. You know the drill – using time wisely is key to smooth sailing. So, instead of going straight home and watching the Netflix original movie A Christmas Prince for the third time this evening, what I really should do is first stop by Target for more paper so that I can finish wrapping while I watch the movie. The moral of the story is that time is limited, and how we fill it largely influences the result we’re working to achieve.

Paragon Web.png

Using time efficiently is close to our hearts at Kronos. We want to make sure customers are getting rapid time to value and successfully achieving their desired business outcomes. There’s a method to our madness, and it’s called Kronos ParagonTM.

Paragon is our proven deployment methodology. It combines innovation, deep domain knowledge, best-practice expertise, and nearly 40 years of experience working with customers to support business goals and accelerate return on investment. In fact, Paragon has led to 50% faster time-to-value on global workforce management deployments. And one automotive manufacturer in Mexico was able to eliminate early-in punches for $185,000 in overtime savings – that’s pretty awesome.

But I’m not the only one who thinks highly of Paragon and of the Kronos Services team’s innovative efforts to enable customer outcomes. Here’s what customers are saying!

“I was a little apprehensive due to the level of change we were going to experience, since it had been so long since we had upgraded, but everything was coordinated and executed perfectly. The result could not have been more seamless. Many thanks to each of you at Kronos!  When I am doing another upgrade I will surely be at ease with Kronos and Paragon.” – Sr Financial Systems Analyst, Healthcare Customer

“We established an aggressive timeline for implementing Workforce Central as our timekeeping and absence management system. Kronos’ systematic project planning, driven by Kronos Paragon, helped us successfully navigate the many critical milestones necessary for a comprehensive and timely company-wide rollout at our corporate offices, regional offices, and 206 service center locations across 12 states. Kronos’ customer-focused approach gave our project team the information, confidence, and support we needed and was vital to ensuring we were able to meet our go-live goals.” – VP HR, Retail Customer

“Kronos continues to leverage its extensive experience in complex workforce management implementations, guiding organizations with their Paragon implementation methodology. This helps us complete deployments quicker to begin realizing a return on investment sooner, lowering overall total cost of ownership.” – VP HR, Talent and Learning Services Customer

Paragon took us all the way to the finals for the TSIA Star Awards, a program recognizing excellence and innovation in technology services. Judges commented on how impressive it is that Paragon links Services and Sales to provide a seamless experience for customers and guide them down the best path to achieving their business outcomes. The comments even revealed that it was one of the best applications ever submitted. Go Kronos!

Season’s Greetings!

December 20, 2017

‘Tis the season to be jolly. Here are four throwback holiday greetings from Kronos to you. Check out the changes 2016 brought to the North Pole (they now require workforce analytics and automation up there!), and enjoy the three videos below. Happy holidays to all!






Seeing (data) is believing: In-store Sampling

December 19, 2017

RT_Associate_DVP1193062_jpgWe gave you part 1 in the post Piggly Wiggly, Customer Experience, and Your Labor Model, we linked to part 2 in Are you Black Friday ready?, and now we share with you part 3 of Retail Strategic Advisor Steve Strohecker’s white paper series, Measuring the success of a Retail Labor Model!

This paper comes just in time, as we swiftly approach year end. Do you already have an effective labor model in place? Now is a good time to reflect on how well it’s served you throughout 2017. Best Practices for Measuring the Customer Experience and Success of the Labor Model dives into detail about how sampling, meaning in-store observation, allows retailers to measure whether the labor model is meeting customer experience expectations.

Steve writes that “store sampling provides retailers with both quantitative and qualitative insights that cannot be replicated in any other form of customer experience measurement” – and that’s why this is all so important. Sampling provides a fact-based approach for accurately measuring the customer experience on the front end so that you can successfully build an effective labor model behind the scenes. Steve highlights three types of sampling that retailers should consider:

  1. Work sampling – to measure productivity and determine how long and in which locations associates spend most of their labor hours
  2. Customer service sampling – to assess how well the existing labor model meets customer service expectations
  3. Operational sampling – to determine if standard operating procedures are designed to allow stores to successfully meet customer service expectations

asset-thumbnail-sv0249Sampling gives you data, and data gives you proof – the evidence you need to begin making the improvements necessary to bring your workforce management strategy to the next level. To learn more, view the entire Retail Labor Model series on!

Part 1: Aligning the Labor Model with the Customer Experience

Part 2: How Traditional Methods for Gauging the Customer Experience Fall Short

Part 3: Best Practices for Measuring the Customer Experience and Success of the Labor Model

When Work Rocks: #inspiredacts take over Kronos

December 14, 2017

kronite buskersWork was rockin’ yesterday! Kronite musicians across the world shared their shine to celebrate our global community and to help raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Music-making moments took place at our Lowell, MA headquarters, Indianapolis Technology Center, and Bracknell, UK office.

Everyone was encouraged to take #inspiredacts selfies with Kronite “buskers” and share them online. For each picture posted, Kronos donated $10 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. What a wonderful way to spread joy and inspiration and encourage us all to embrace the spirit of giving. Not only did we make music today – but we helped make a difference.

I was smiling ear-to-ear with all the beautiful sounds resonating around the office. We had drummers, guitarists, vocalists, pianists, trombonists – you name it. I’ve got to brag at least a little about my coworkers…they were amazing!

indy volunteers

‘Tis the season for kind hearts. Last week, the Indianapolis team volunteered their time at the WZPL’s annual Request-a-Thon, a fundraising event also benefitting children from Make-A-Wish. Next week, all Lowell bakers are being called to host a bake sale for the Merrimack Valley Food Bank. The Marketing organization (that’s where I live!) has adopted two families from Jewish Family Services of Metro West and will help purchase mattresses for a Salvation Army family who recently lost many of their possessions in a fire. And that’s not all. Numerous other groups within the company have their own initiatives to give back as well.

Yeserday’s events remind me of one snowy day in 7th grade when I stood outside of a Walmart with my best friend. Our soccer team was raising money to help support a local charity. We decided to come up with a script, so we’d have an idea of what we would say to people passing by. One part was that every kind-hearted gesture counts, big or small. Today, I saw so many kind hearts come together in harmony – and it was marvelous. These Kronites give life to the GiveInspired culture we have, and who knew so many of them had such remarkable musical talent! What a merry, music-filled week it’s been.

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