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Build a Business Case for Your Online Community…Says Leo!

April 26, 2017

community screenshotWhat separates Kronos as a leading organization in customer service? In addition to our customer first model, it’s our online Community dedicated to providing customers proactive answers and efficiently managing support cases:


“Doing that well drives customer success and loyalty.”

Expertly spoken by our very own Mr. Working Smarter Café! Yesterday, Leo was quoted in 3 Steps to Spur Your Customer Community ROI published on PRNews for Smart Communicators. The article outlines what marketing and community leaders can do to develop a successful online community.

Step 1? Build a Business Case. Kronos launched our own Community in October 2016, but not before careful planning and consideration. Leo, along with Senior Director, Customer Marketing Joyce Maroney, helped spearhead the platform debut and establish the Kronos Community as a model for other organizations in their own online community efforts. Building a thorough business case is a key success factor, and doing so helped Kronos map out the intended impact on our customers and on our organization, as well.

Take a moment to check out Community if you haven’t already! Join the more than 20,000 customers sharing ideas, asking questions, and collaborating with the extensive Kronos network to make the most of their Kronos solution.

Read the full article for the rest of Leo’s quote and for more tips from author Vanessa DiMauro!

Make it Change

April 25, 2017

resource-ref-sv0124Change is a funny thing. It’s usually for the better, but many of us have trouble adjusting individually when it comes time to make it happen. We’re typically aware of what we’re supposed to do; and yet, we put it off, ignore it, and tell ourselves we’ll address it later.

Avoiding the inevitable is a long and lengthy sprint, but with the proper support, guidance, and expertise, you can ensure a successful experience for employees when making decisions about the technology that impacts the way they work.

Yes – It can be quite the mountain to climb, but that’s why we offer change management support to help you motivate user adoption and proficiency with new Kronos implementations and existing system updates. Driving changes in individual behavior might seem daunting, but it’s critical to receive 100 percent success and maximize the return on your investment.

660505963-Henry-Ford-quote-If-you-always-do-what-youve-always-done-youll-always-get-what-youve-always-got-2So, don’t worry! You can count on us to help you see it all through. Our strategic experts will provide support in planning for transition, boosting change acceptance, and increasing time to value.

Check out our Change Management white paper and our User Adoption Services datasheet to learn more about how we can partner to guarantee you achieve the results you expect from your Kronos solution.

Back to the Future

April 24, 2017

I’m spending the mid-morning of my 17th Kronos anniversary at Gate 30 in the American Airlines terminal at Logan Airport. I should be in the air, on my way to a sales meeting in Dallas, but a 2-hour commute to the airport put me on the “missed my flight” list. In spite of this minor setback, I’m feeling quite fortunate personally and professionally these days, and I’m especially mindful today of all the people who help create that reality. I could not be in a better work environment. Kronos ranks well above global IT company benchmarks for employee engagement and employee retention, and we just found out we’ll again be recognized by the Boston Business Journal as a “Best Place to Work” for 2017.

2017… Having started with Kronos in 2000, anniversaries are easy enough to do the math in my head. It’s been an amazing run. A billion dollar run, really. In 2000, we had annual revenues of about $200 million, and now we’re over $1.2 billion a year… In some ways the place has changed, but in more ways it’s the same. From my first day and the 6,208 since, I’ve worked for people who care about me and my family – as people. Pete, Barb, Joyce. They’re all still here, and they’re a huge part of the reason for my engagement and retention. Thanks to you all. Today the future looks brighter than ever, but who can predict it?

Actually… it turns out Kronos can.

We’ve just been named a “High Performer” – the highest category represented – in the HfS Research Blueprint Guide for Predictive Capabilities in Human Capital Management (HCM) Systems. The report highlights Kronos’ commitment to execution and innovation in predictive HCM.

Don’t Wing It; Test Plan It!

April 20, 2017

“I’ll just wing it,” said every one of us about something we should definitely not wing.

Ben Franklin QuotePlan, prepare, and practice – it’s the smart thing to do to set ourselves up for success in any situation. Dedicating time to cross the t’s and dot the i’s always pays off in the end, especially when it comes to making decisions that impact your organization.

Implementing a workforce management solution fits best in the plan it category. System, integration, and user acceptance testing are crucial steps to ensure your solution operates smoothly right from the start.

The Kronos Testing Plan White Paper, Don’t Wing It; Test Plan it!, details best practices for minimizing risk and supporting a successful system rollout. Here’s a sneak peek of the five tips outlined in this resource for implementing an effective testing plan for your workforce management solution:

  1. asset-thumbnail-sv0150Define the best testing approach based on your solution, depth of configuration, and available resources
  2. Identify who will do the testing, when, and where
  3. Determine how you will track issues through to resolution
  4. Identify the data needed to run your test cases and the optimal order of activities
  5. Document your testing plan, review it with your project team, and make adjustments as needed over time

A good testing strategy is not about passing an easy test. It’s about uncovering the imperfections and addressing them before they become issues. If you’d like some guidance in setting up a plan for you, Kronos Advanced Testing Services can help prepare for new product implementations as well as upgrades to existing solutions.

So, think twice before you wing it! Nine times out of ten there’s a smarter way to proceed.

Is seventeen just a number? Not to Kronos!

April 17, 2017

By Melissa Spinella, Kronos Community Manager

Seventeen may be a prime number, the atomic number of chlorine and a popular teen magazine, but to Kronos it is so much more. To Kronos, it is our SEVENTEEN YEARS of excellence in customer satisfaction! Kronos recently received the NorthFace ScoreBoard AwardSM from the Omega Management Group Corp. for excellence in customer satisfaction for 2016 – one of only two companies to have done so for seventeen consecutive years!  Here’s a look at just some of the numbers:


We receive customer experience data through our voice of the customer program – specifically, through our customer surveys. We surveyed over 10,000 Kronos customers in 2016 on a regular basis about topics such as:

  • Customer Satisfaction Survey (Business)
  • Customer Satisfaction with Implementations
  • Customer Satisfaction with Software Support
  • Customer Satisfaction with Education
  • Customer Satisfaction with Depot Support

The Omega Management Group, an independent third-party company that specializes in customer experience management (CEM), then audits the results of the satisfaction surveys from our customers.

Kronos also makes it a priority to seek out customer feedback, ideas, recommendations and comments through many channels, including our Kronos Community, and we use that information to improve and develop our products and services, like Workforce Central Advisory Services and KnowledgePass. We ask, we listen, and we improve.

At Kronos, we put customer experience first and strive to provide our customers with the experience they expect every day. Cheers to another year of happy customers!

Running to stand still?

April 14, 2017

I’m so thankful that Lauren Nawfel has joined the fray here in the Kronos blogosphere. Lauren joined our services marketing team from the Kronos engineering organization, where she worked closely with our customers so we could deepen our understanding of their user experience with Kronos solutions.

I find it interesting that Lauren’s first blog subject was Kronos advisory services. These services are intended to help our existing customers continue to realize and extend the value they experience from their Kronos investment. We’ve been around almost 40 years now, and we’re fortunate to have many long-time customers. For customers that implemented Kronos years ago, it’s likely their workforce management processes have changed considerably due to M&A activity, regulatory and compliance changes, and an always increasing competitive environment. If this is true for your organization, has the configuration of your Kronos solution kept up with all those changes? If no, you may be struggling with manual edits in your system, process workarounds, and separate spreadsheets for workforce management tasks that could be automated in your Kronos system. Are you running to stand still?

Our advisory services consultants can help.

Speaking of running to stand still, there’s a new study out indicating running for an hour each day can extend your life by 7 hours each time you lace them up. Then there’s this article from Inc., suggesting our work habits are actually hurting our productivity instead of helping. One that hit home for me is “stop glorifying busy.” We’re all busy, but if we simply focus on what’s really important instead of being unicycle-riding jugglers during lunch, we’d get more of what matters done.

So… I’m going to the gym for lunch. Happy Friday.

Why Kronos Advisory Services?

April 13, 2017
Hey! I’m Lauren, and I’ve recently joined the Services Marketing team at Kronos. You might see me pop up on Working Smarter Café every now and again, so I thought I’d quickly write to say hi. I’m very excited to be here, and I’m looking forward to sharing more with you about Services and the customer experience. Until next time!  

“Advisory Services go beyond just a core implementation…” – Vince Jackson, Practice Director Kronos Advisory Services

Vince JacksonWhy Kronos Advisory Services? Because you can count on us to help you work smarter and achieve continuous value from your Kronos system. Our new Kronos Advisory Services video, starring Practice Director Vince Jackson, describes how you can partner with strategic advisors to realize maximum return on your Kronos investment.

We stand by you as you experience transforming goals and industry landscapes, all along the way helping to assess your workforce management approach, uncover areas of improvement, and develop a best fit plan to support your organization today, next month, and in the future.

“Let us come in and help be a strategic partner with you and make sure the next three to five years are successfully mapped out,” says Vince.

Watch the video on or our YouTube channel to learn more!

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