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Happy or not, it’s back to school with Kronos!

August 26, 2016

YarnallNext week I’m grabbing two days with my head in the sand on Cape Cod with my son and grand-daughter. The grand-baby begins third grade on September 1st, and she’s really looking forward to it. The “first day of school” conjures up different emotions from different individuals, even those in the same family. Take this picture of “Mike,” one of my Facebook pals with his two daughters before their first day. Such a juxtaposition of feelings…

Now I’ve got to jump back into work with a team getting schooled on launching our Kronos online community October 3rd, so here’s a Friday filmstrip on how Kronos helps teachers in K-12 school systems “be like Mike.”

Your Arrival… at Kronosworks

August 12, 2016

languageI love good sci-fi, and the trailer for the film “Arrival” looks great! In it, Amy Adams plays expert linguist Louise Banks who is enlisted to help communicate with aliens who have dropped in on Earth. One article likens the film to the adaptation of Carl Sagan’s “Contact” that starred Jodie Foster. I can only hope. Or it could just be another movie with stuff blowing up. “Arrival” opens on Friday, November 11th, right before…

Hey, speaking of speaking foreign languages, one of the cool, albeit challenging aspects of working for a global company like Kronos is the variety of languages we communicate with. Our website is available in nine languages. The reason I bring this up is because of an email I received in Chinese about KronosWorks. I can’t read it, but I find it interesting and beautiful. KronosWorks opens on November 13th. Plan your arrival.

KW Chinese

“Find acceptance, inspiration and togetherness”

August 9, 2016

AOL Message BoardsThey say space is expanding, and that’s certainly true for the space between my posts lately. I’m very busy on a project set to launch on October 3rd. I began a post on it Friday:

This week I was doing a little whining… Wait. It wasn’t really whining, it was more like fretting over a project I’m working on with many moving parts, including customers, employees, partners, agile software development, and many unknowns. You know, the “we don’t know what we don’t know” unknowns.

I intended to wrap that up on Monday with the “you get to do this” reminder from my boss. She’s right. It’s a cool project that I’ve wanted to do for years now. Unfortunately, I was not a word generating machine on Monday, because Sunday night I went to Fenway Park to see Pearl Jam, and well, my first foray into Monday didn’t end until about 1:30AM. Anyway, it was my first time seeing the band, but for my friend, Barb, it was 19 or 20. She’s not sure. PJ is family to her. It was an amazing experience, the kind you tuck your phone away (mostly) for. During the 3 ½ hour show, the cameras would pan the crowd where most of the Pearl Jam community were singing every word. I’m embarrassed to admit I knew only about 1/3 of their songs, but back when the band (and I) were younger, I was a member in a different musical community, with its home on an AOL message board called No Depression–Alt.Country. It brought together fans of a musical genre that has produced some great music over the years, and was an online community for sharing the music, the lyrics, the live show experiences, and even tips on how to get great tickets.

There’s a wonderful little history of the “ND board” and what it meant to the guy who started it. He ends the article with this:

“As I tucked my daughters into bed this evening, I wondered who their musical heroes will be. If they are lucky, like me, they won’t necessarily be musicians at all, but a few well-chosen friends whose musical soul mirrors their own and from whom they’ll find acceptance, inspiration and togetherness. Even if it arrives across the internet.”

Now 20 years later, the project my boss is leading, and I’m helping to launch will bring an online community to Kronos customers, partners, employees, and anyone else looking for information about workforce management. My hope is that there they’ll find “acceptance, inspiration and togetherness. Even if it arrives across the internet.”

Step by Step Workforce Analytics

August 1, 2016

Yardwork productivityHow do you measure workforce productivity? On Saturday I can say I was productive. Specifically I weeded beds and spread about 2 yards of mulch. I know, it doesn’t sound like much, but it’s about 54 of those bags you get at Lowe’s or Home Depot or Ace, not that I’m dropping names… Anyway, I finished that, took a nice shower and then settled on the couch for the Sox. Then I saw the weather – 4 days of rain. Oooh, I really need to mow the lawn and then spread lime and fertilizer before that hits. Back on go the grubby work clothes and off to one of those 3 stores I go for the product. The lawn took an hour, then about another 45 minutes to spread lime and fertilizer. Yes, it was a productive day and I have the metrics to prove it. Nobody said 21,225 steps was going to be pretty. (Oh, and thanks to the Prisma app for the cool artistic rendering of my dirty arm.)

Luckily for you, workforce analytics tools are available for Workforce Central and Workforce Ready. They’re like a Fitbit for your entire workforce…


A Letter from the Future

July 28, 2016

We have quite a few millennials running around the campus these days, and I can only speak for myself to say the experience has been excellent. In addition to our current summer intern program for over 100 college kids working in various departments across Kronos, we also support a smaller intern program with high-schoolers from nearby Notre Dame Cristo Rey High School. This past school year, I managed one of the Cristo Rey kids, and based on my observations of her intelligence, work ethic, and humanity, I’m optimistic this generation will make the world a better place. In managing this young lady, I focused on her interests and strengths, and tried to provide sound advice, but I also honed in on what I considered her biggest opportunity for improvement to succeed professionally. It was a little scary for her, but I do believe she found her voice.

Last month I received this letter. Another example that the kids are alright.

NDCR letter

The “fun science…” of beer

July 27, 2016

Beer“Mmmmmmm… Beer.” That’s a quote from the patriarch of a long running TV show, and really captures what beer means to many people. I mean, what adult doesn’t like beer? Our latest 1 in One Hundred Million story features a woman who has a dream job – Briana Francisco loves beer. I mean, as you’ll hear, she was once on a first date and the poor dude poured his porter wrong. That was it. There would be no second date… Check out Brianna and her “fun science” of beer at the Deschutes Brewery in Bend, OR.

You in Workforce Managementland

July 25, 2016

Strategic Roadmap WPCharles Lutwidge Dodgson wrote, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” He also wrote the children’s classics “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking-Glass.” You know him as British author Lewis Carroll. I did a little research and found that a main theme of “Alice” is adapting to change. If you consider the books together, the themes morph toward planning and goal setting: “it helps to have an objective to journey toward, if only to make it easier to choose a path.”

Do you have strategic objectives for your workforce management system, and do you have a clear path to achieve them? If not, you may want to journey toward our new whitepaper, Strategic Roadmaps: Guiding Your Path to Success. It will help you understand how to build a path toward achieving your workforce management strategic objectives.


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