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You in Workforce Managementland

July 25, 2016

Strategic Roadmap WPCharles Lutwidge Dodgson wrote, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” He also wrote the children’s classics “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking-Glass.” You know him as British author Lewis Carroll. I did a little research and found that a main theme of “Alice” is adapting to change. If you consider the books together, the themes morph toward planning and goal setting: “it helps to have an objective to journey toward, if only to make it easier to choose a path.”

Do you have strategic objectives for your workforce management system, and do you have a clear path to achieve them? If not, you may want to journey toward our new whitepaper, Strategic Roadmaps: Guiding Your Path to Success. It will help you understand how to build a path toward achieving your workforce management strategic objectives.

The Justifying KronosWorks Blues

July 22, 2016

KW LetterLate last century, I was a partner in an independent (we preferred “indie”) record label, and in this case “indie” means “not much money.” What money we did have was spent on manufacturing CD’s for promotion and sale, and marketing through indie music magazines, radio promotion, and record store placement. In March of every year we’d struggle with the financial decision to attend the South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival, but we made it work. At least two of us would go to scout bands and meet industry people. One highlight was partner Dave approaching Seymour Stein (he founded Sire Records and signed Madonna, the Ramones, Talking Heads, the Pretenders, and the Replacements, just to name a few) in an Austin consignment store (they had bands play) to hand him a cassette tape of one of our bands. Yep. The other highlight of that trip was the three of us (3rd partner, Jeff, not Mr. Stein) staying in one “No-Tell Motel” room. Good times.

Anyway, regardless of your business, justifying a trip to a related conference forces you to assess the value of the networking opportunities, the content, and yeah, the fun. Here’s an article on optimizing the value of conference attendance, but what about KronosWorks? Earlier this week I wrote about how KronosWorks will be magical this year, so there’s the fun, but what about the networking and content? Well, we expect over 2,000 customers this year, plus Kronos employees and partners to talk workforce management. And content? The agenda is right here. Oh, and if you need some help convincing the boss, this customizable justification letter will help.

Today is the last day to save $250 off your conference fee. Hey, that may help you avoid staying in a No-Tell Motel with your coworkers…

“What’s it going to take to get you into this shiny new…”

July 20, 2016


Sorry for the car sales pitch, but writing headlines is harder than it looks. To make it up to you, I’m going to keep this short. If you’ve ever been to KronosWorks, you know that on Tuesday night we take over some cool venue and throw a blowout party for our customers and partners. In Vegas, we usually take over some hot nightclub and dance the night away. This year we’re in Orlando and while we won’t be dancing, we will be magically flying around (if you get my meaning). Yep! On Tuesday, November 15th, we’ll be taking over “the park that shall not be named” for a night of unforgettable magic and excitement!

Oh, and the KronosWorks session agenda is now available online including Education Workshops and the Preconference Kronos TechKnowledgy sessions,- now available for advance registration.

And to get you into this shiny new KronosWorks 2016, we’ll knock $250 off your conference fee before July 22nd!

So grab your broomstick and head to KronosWorks!

A touch too much?

July 12, 2016

VisibilityLast night as I was uh, touching my phone for probably the 5,000th time of the day, I read, “We touch our phones 2,617 times a day.” That’s just the average of the 94 Android users studied by researcher Dscout over a five day period. The heavy hitters fiddled with their phone 5,427 times a day!

Hey, as long as you’re on the phone, you may as well be productive and Kronos can help. For example, American Woodmark Corporation just migrated their Workforce Central solution from on-premise to the Kronos Cloud, and at the same time deployed Workforce Mobile for their remote workforce. “Field service technicians working remotely now have the ability to clock in and out through mobile devices directly from worksites. Also with Kronos mobile solutions, employees can easily submit time-off requests, approve timecards, transfer between jobs, and track detailed labor activity from anywhere at any time, improving productivity and employee satisfaction.”

Back in April, Kronos announced a bunch of Workforce Mobile enhancements including Shift Swap, Open Shift, Request to Cover, and Availability.

Workforce Mobile is available via iPhone® and Android™. Workforce Tablet is available on the Apple® iPad®. And if you’re a Workforce Ready customer, you can be mobile, too.

Kronos mobile. It’s like Pokémon Go for workforce management.

Workforce Superintelligence Jobs at Kronos!

July 11, 2016

Click image for book on Amazon

A mini-vacation to the Maine coast over the US Independence Day weekend included 11 ½ glorious hours of driving in traffic for what typically would be a 7 hour round trip. My daughter and I passed some of the time listening to another marathon, a 4 ½ hour Joe Rogan podcast with neuroscientist and philosopher Sam Harris. For about 45 minutes of the conversation, the boys veered into a fascinating discussion about artificial intelligence (AI), with Mr. Harris postulating the terrifying idea that an AI computer could reach Artificial Superintelligence (ASI) within the next few years…

“an intellect that is much smarter than the best human brains in practically every field, including scientific creativity, general wisdom and social skills.” – Oxford philosopher and leading AI thinker Nick Bostrom

Whoa. I remember thinking during the podcast that a computer could not possibly achieve this level of intelligence just by consuming all the data in existence on the internet. I think it would have to interact with human minds to make some of the intuitive leaps. But hey, what do I know? My IQ is somewhat short of an ASI computer, estimated at 12,952!

The good news is that no one has yet invented a computer to fully engage and perform the 200+ global jobs we need done today! Positions like these 10:

  1. Sr. Global Partner Enablement Manager
  2. Workforce Management Solution Consultant (French speaker)
  3. Big Data Client Consultant
  4. Customer Insights Analyst
  5. Cloud Infrastructure Support Engineer
  6. Services Architect-Healthcare
  7. Sales Program Manager
  8. Technical Account Manager, HR/Payroll
  9. Senior Financial Analyst – SaaS/Cloud
  10. Cloud Sales Specialist – Latin America

FLSA changes – Do it “Your Way,” but Do it Now

July 6, 2016

Recently I engaged in the now annual ritual of meeting with our marketing interns for a Q&A session. Opening the meeting, I asked them to tell me their name, school, major and their life’s ambition. I heard “start a company,” “move to New York City,” and a simple “be happy.” At the end of the meeting, someone asked me “What’s your one biggest piece of advice,” and “what’s your biggest regret?”

Hmmm… The first one was easy. “I think Megan gave you that one earlier. Be happy.” Regrets… I’ve had a few. But then again… You know the rest of that song, and if you don’t, here you go. Anyway, I answered that I’ve wanted to write a book for a while now, and if I get to the closing credits and haven’t done it, I will regret that.

There are some things we shouldn’t procrastinate on, and being compliant with the law is right up there. In the case of the impending FLSA rule changes on a new, higher minimum salary threshold for “exempt” employees, the deadline is coming up December 1, so the time to address the issue is NOW. Why now? Well, it’s estimated the average wage and hour settlement is in the $6.9 million range. I pulled that number from this excellent Forbes article on steps you can take to prepare.

Of course if you’re a Kronos Workforce Central (WFC) user, we can assist during the different stages of your planning and remediation:

  1. FLSA Impact Assessment Support
    A Kronos system expert participates in your cross-functional team meetings to answer the Kronos “what if” system & configuration questions, and provide specific system data as you go through your compliance planning.
  2. WFC System Assessment
    Once your compliance plan is determined, your Kronos consultant will define the supporting system changes, plan, and budget to implement them.
  3. Kronos Implementation
    In collaboration with your team, the changes are implemented and tested to meet the December 1, 2016 compliance deadline.

Sure, you could procrastinate on this one, but you’ve got 6.9 million reasons not to.

Independence Day (from Java)!

July 1, 2016

fireworksI wanted to call this post, “Au Revoir, Java,” but given the impending US holiday I’m going with metaphors of protracted battles 240 years ago in reality and 20 years ago on film. It took about 8 years until the original “BREXIT” in 1783, and damn, those aliens put up a good fight before the last of them were eradicated… You know that scene when Randy Quaid flies an F-16 up into the alien spaceship to make it go boom and gain independence? Well, that just happened. Here you go…

Workforce Central V8.0.11 has eliminated the reliance on client-side Java!

Yep. Workforce Central 8.0.11 and the Express Upgrade are scheduled to post to the customer portal on July 1! Here’s what the Workforce Central Suite 8.0.11 Service Release Notes say:

What’s New?
All Java applets now have Java-free replacements, including:

• Workload Planner, which is a part of Scheduler
• Quick Time Stamp Offline – A new installation kit is available. For more information, see the Quick Time Stamp Offline System Administrator Guide.

All Setup pages are now Java-free. The process to replace client-side Java, which began with Workforce Central 8.0, has been completed and the remaining setup pages have been redesigned and are Java-free. When you apply the V8.0.11 service release, these Setup pages will be replaced automatically with the non-Java version. Functionality is unchanged.

– Availability Templates
– Event Manager
– HyperFind Queries
– Jobs and Organizational Map
– Labor Level Sets
– Organizational Sets
– Pattern Templates
– Process Profiles
– Query Manager
– Report Setup
– Schedule Periods
– Shift Templates
– Table Import
– Workflow Notifications

If you apply the V8.0.11 service release to an already-configured Workforce Central system, your existing navigators are unchanged. If you are using a Java applet as a Single Link, the applet will continue to work. Although it is still possible to include some Java content in navigator, you are strongly encouraged to remove and replace applet content with its non-Java replacement. See the Navigator Implementation Guide for more information.

So there you go. Have a safe and happy Independence Day!


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