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We Just Want to Say Thank You!

April 24, 2018

Today’s post on customer success is courtesy of Jayson Saba, Sr. Director Product Marketing.

A few weeks ago, peer review sites G2Crowd and TrustRadius recognized Kronos Workforce Ready with Leader and Top Rated honors respectively.  This recognition is a result of our awesome customers who continue to share their stories and success with our solutions.  It also speaks to how well Kronites around the globe execute our customer success initiatives.  At Kronos, Customer-First isn’t just something we say, it is what we do every day.  And seeing that our customers recognize and appreciate what we do is an honor and privilege.


So how did we get here?

It all starts with our employee focus.  Kronos was named a top 100 Fortune Best Companies to Work For.  A culture of engagement that prioritizes the employee experience improves performance and retention.  Customers value speaking to experienced customer success and technical managers who not only understand the product but are also familiar with the customer’s history.

Under the leadership and with tremendous support from our President Chris Todd, we established a Customer Success organization that is 100% focused on the customer experience from the moment they engage with Kronos onward.  Our customer onboarding program ensures that clients understand what to expect from kickoff to well after go-live to ensure their goals are met in their Kronos partnership.

Thanks to 40 years of experience working with some of the world’s biggest and most ambitious companies, we are now able to accelerate time to value from our customers’ investments.  All Kronos customers benefit from our Paragon Methodology that establishes at startup tenant with all the best practices we learned from the specific industry vertical they operate in.  The goal is to ensure a quality activation and onboarding experience that helps them transform their processes that impact their business.

All our HCM customers have access to an HR and Payroll knowledgebase that provides up to date information and legal updates related to HR, payroll, tax, and labor laws.  Additionally, we proactively provide checklists to ensure HR and Payroll executives are ahead of the curve for audits, mid-year and year-end processes.

Most importantly, it is all about communication. In the cloud world where updates are happening regularly, and enhancements to functionality and usability are expected by customers, it is critical to communicate what is coming.  Through or Customer Engagement Marketing organization under the leadership of my colleague Lisa Pratt, we ensure our customers not only have access to best practices, but are kept aware of what is coming in the products and on the roadmap.

Thank you again to our customers for this honor.  As our president says, “Putting our customers first is the guiding philosophy behind everything we do at Kronos.” And customer success starts and ends with successful customers.



 Jayson is an HCM technology executive who has done it all: Practitioner, service provider, industry analyst, and technology provider. He currently leads a group of innovative product marketers at Kronos.

Educating on User Experience – Kids in Tech Comes to Kronos

April 19, 2018

clockinExcite, engage, and educate children to use technology. This mission belongs to Kids in Tech – a nonprofit inspiring the next generation of tech-savvy leaders through after-school programs.

Last Thursday, Kronos welcomed a group of 20 kids from the Kids in Tech after-school tech club, ages 8-14. They toured our headquarters, learned about user experience, and participated in hands-on testing of our time clocks.

In the User Experience Center, students worked with Kronites from the User Research and Product Management teams to test out the different ways employees can clock-in to work. The kids also participated in a hands-on activity which walked them through how IoT (Internet of Things) and Cloud computing touch everyday lives in the workplace.

“It is fun to see the curiosity and awe that the kids bring to the workplace. We are inspired by their questions and reactions to things that we might otherwise take for granted.” – Marc Cajolet, Senior Manager Kronos User Experience

“I’ve been to an office, but never one like this,” one boy said to me during the building tour. Another asked, “Can I work here?” after completing the afternoon’s activities. Kronite volunteers were excited about the kids’ visit, and it was great to hear that they were enjoying the program!

Kronos is dedicated to helping develop the next-generation workforce in the communities where we live and work. It’s part of our GiveInspired culture. Technology will only continue to expand to new horizons, and introducing young-talent to its possibilities at an early age will help them understand what opportunities are out there for them.

Thank you, Kids in Tech, and we hope to see you back again soon!

10 of the best HR and Payroll Answerforce Daily Document Updates for HR Compliance

April 17, 2018

picI recently started reading the HR and Payroll Answerforce Daily Document update. To be completely honest, it’s not the most attractive email – but don’t let this fool you! Never judge a book by its cover…I certainly learned my lesson this time. The HR and Payroll Answerforce daily update is packed with interesting news, fascinating surveys, and more!

I glanced back at the email updates I’ve received since the beginning of 2018 and compiled a list of some of the most interesting articles from the HR Compliance Library. Please note that you must be logged into the Kronos Community and HR and Payroll Answerforce for the following links to work. Simply log in to the Kronos Community and scroll to click the orange HR and Payroll Answerforce button before clicking on one of the “Read” links below.

  1. New Fathers take under a week of paid parental leave if any at all. Read.
  2. Female workers nearly three times more likely than male counterparts to think there is a pay disparity at work. Read.
  3. Greatest cybersecurity risks come from managing increasing amounts of data, connected devices. Read.
  4. Most organizations have sexual harassment policies in place, but few plan to update them. Read.
  5. Rural women of color face especially large wage gap. Read.
  6. There is still time for IRA contributions. Read.
  7. Employees say their companies would perform better if their leaders showed greater “moral leadership.” Read.
  8. Experts discuss how to identify and fix a toxic corporate culture. Read.
  9. Survey reveals employees prioritize setting their own schedule above every other workplace perk. Read.
  10. Number of paid sick days directly impacts how Americans use preventive care. Read.

The update email features information on payroll management and state employment law as well. To get a daily dose of this yourself, navigate to HR and Payroll Answerforce homepage through the Kronos Community. Once in HR and Payroll Answerforce, scroll to the What’s New section and click the button to enable your email alerts.

pic2.pngAnd the good news? HR and Payroll Answerforce is FREE for all registered community members! Head to the Kronos Community to access the tool and adjust your email settings.


Top five to-dos when preparing for a new technology rollout

April 12, 2018

We’re amid the changing seasons here in New England, and there’s a lot to do. Personally, I need to switch over my wardrobe, tackle some spring cleaning, and remove the cover on my built-in air conditioner so my seasonal roommates – Lola and Luis, the mourning doves – can start building their nest uninterrupted.

Change is good, but it takes time and requires effort. Proper preparation helps yield successful results, and this is especially true when deploying a new technology solution. Keep this list of five to-dos in mind as you ready your organization for what’s to come:

  1. Identify who the change affects and what behaviors will need to change. Think about the employee roles that will be impacted. What actions will they need to do differently? Consider how you expect employees to react and what roadblocks might prevent them from easily shifting their behavior. Implementing a new technology is successful and sustainable only if people adapt to using it correctly.
  2. resource-ref-sv0142Get the right people involved. You can’t expect your supervisors to be experts in change management but they are often the people best suited to lead the charge. They understand how to motivate and guide their employees because of established working relationships. Make sure these people are ready to lead by example and help drive the change effort.
  3. Craft a communication plan. Clear, effective communication is key. People accept change in stages so it’s important that your communication efforts increase and evolve as the process moves along. Start with brief, widely spaced emails, meetings, or announcements to build awareness. Then, slowly increase frequency with communications that help employees understand why change is happening, why it’s important, how it benefits them, what training will be provided, and what is expected of them once the change takes place.
  4. Define a training plan. Clearly define who needs training, what type of training they need, and how that training will be delivered. And per number three – once you’ve mapped out the training plan, communicate it! Employees should be clear on what they need to do to get educated on the new technology.
  5. Give yourself back up with a reinforcement plan. Don’t forget your objectives. It’s too often assumed that a well-executed technical launch equals project success. But what happens after? Are people using the new tool as intended? Reserve time on the front end to create a plan that focuses on rewarding success and taking corrective action. A technology project is truly successful only if it meets the business goals your organization set out to achieve.

Change isn’t easy, and neither is preparing for it. But the more groundwork and planning you do in advance, the smoother the process will be. For more information on preparing for change in your organization, check out the white paper Change Management: Driving the Long-Term Success of Your Workforce Management Solution.



Can it wait? Helping employees work their way

April 10, 2018

It’s 9:00 p.m. and you receive an email from your boss. Should you respond? Do you have to answer?

A proposal by New York City Councilman Rafael Espinal Jr. might make the decision easier for employees in the Big Apple. If passed, it would be against the law for managers to require that employees answer work-related communications while off the clock. On-call professionals, such as doctors and nurses, are the exception, but employees at qualifying companies would be granted the right to leave late-night requests until the next morning.

Attempting to give people more work-life balance through legislation is a commendable effort that would benefit many over-worked employees. But Kronos Workforce Institute Director Joyce Maroney said in last week’s USA Today article that it doesn’t necessarily mean people will choose to take advantage of it.

It’s a step in the right direction, but we all know the complications that come with balancing the demands of work and home. Sometimes personal responsibilities can’t wait until after hours and need to be addressed during the work day. Occasionally, pressing work matters come up in the evenings, and it’s comforting to take care of them right away. A key part of the Kronos message is empowering people with the technology they need to work their own way. The philosophy is built upon the importance of flexibility and bridging the sometimes troublesome gap between professional and personal responsibilities.

wfc-tablet-2.png“Work your way” means having the functionality to do your job when and where you choose. Mobile devices and innovations in workforce management technologies, like Workforce Dimensions, give both hourly and salaried employees the ability to perform tasks from anyplace and on any device.

Let’s say Jane, a nurse, needs to take an emergency personal day. She can view her schedule and submit a time-off request in real time using her smartphone – even if it’s 9:00 p.m. If you’re Jane’s manager, you’ll receive the notification and can approve that time – even if it’s 9:00 p.m. It doesn’t mean you or Jane must address the issue immediately, but each of you is empowered with the tools you need to take care of the concern how and when it’s best for you.

People are looking for convenience and speed now more than ever. Employees should never be required or expected to work past the defined hours for their position but having the technology to work how they choose contributes to developing happier, more engaged employees.

The latest on KronosWorks 2018

April 5, 2018

CKronosWorks 2018 graphican you believe it’s already time to talk about KronosWorks? This year’s event will take place November 4-7 in Las Vegas at the Aria hotel. If you haven’t been before, KronosWorks is our annual customer conference. The event provides 2 ½ days of engaging sessions, the opportunity to connect with technology experts, thought leaders, and industry peers, first-look access to new Kronos solutions, product training, and more.

There’s plenty of time to prepare, but here are three helpful facts to keep in mind as you start thinking about your plans for 2018:

  1. You’ll save $350 if you register for KronosWorks before May 11.
  2. You can download a customizable proposal to attend template. This is a great tool if you’re excited to come but need help convincing your manager. It even lists out the approximate total cost including airfare, transportation, hotel accommodations, and registration fees. And if you need a little extra leverage, here are a few stats gathered from 2017 attendees:
  • 97% would recommend KronosWorks to their peers
  • 95% agreed KronosWorks provided them with opportunities to improve their knowledge of Kronos solutions and workforce management
  • 95% rated the overall KronosWorks experience as excellent or above average
  1. Session details are coming July 2018. Be on the lookout!

Join the KronosWorks group in the Kronos Community to talk with Kronos product experts or connect with other customers about the event. Please reach out to the KronosWorks team directly for questions. They’ll be happy to hear from you!

Registration and General Info:

How a proactive, personal, and proven approach is helping Kronos customers

April 3, 2018

“Every customer deserves an investment in their success, and when your customer is at the center of everything you do, success is easy.” – Jennifer Dearman; Vice President, Global Customer Success at Kronos

A MindTouch Top 100 Customer Success Strategist, Jennifer Dearman is leading the charge at Kronos. And today, Working Smarter Café features her speaking about the recently built Kronos Customer Success program.

Roughly one year has passed since the program launched, but the idea of customer success isn’t new to Kronos. Our philosophy has always been to put customers first and to create the experience customers expect from a workforce management partner. Kronites on teams worldwide practice the Kronos way every day, leading customers to smart decisions, connecting them to Kronos experts and each other, and empowering them with the resources they need to succeed.

What’s new to Kronos is our dedicated Customer Success organization. It’s their responsibility to be advocates and partners for our customers throughout their entire journey. They know what success looks like within your industry because they’ve personally walked along the path before, and they can help transform your employees into your greatest assets.

Check out Jennifer’s message!

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