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Summer Makeover

June 23, 2017

It’s now officially summer in the Northern Hemisphere, so some of the hearty here in New England are now concerned with “getting a little cul-ah” and losing a few pounds that fewer clothes will expose… Yep. We’re badly in need of a summer makeover to transform us into darker, svelter versions of ourselves. Looking in the mirror at what I have to work with, I can only think, “good luck with that.”

Makeovers are easier with websites, and the results can be beautiful and more functional. Here are two recent Kronos examples:

Kronos Advisory Services
I love the look of this new page version. The advisory services are laid out both by business issue (Roadmap planning, Global deployments, application optimizations, etc.) and by industry (Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Public Sector, Retail, etc.)

Kronos Community
The changes to our community home page are more function than form. The theme to our changes was to “bring important content closer to the community member.” Now, logged-in members have quick home page access to announcements, downloads, groups, and personalized content including personalized content across 6 data categories!

The digital improvement makeover is a continuous process that fortunately does not require any sort of personal discipline regarding calorie intake. For us analog beings… Good luck with that.

Megan’s Maxims: Goals with Workforce Scheduler

June 22, 2017

More of Megan’s Maxims! Click for the last post on Controlling Costs.

WFC-scheduler-2The unfortunate truth is that scheduling can be a thorn in the side. But the good news is that Kronos makes the complex process much simpler.

Here are a few goals to keep in mind and to help avoid the prickles along the path.

Staff the right number of people. Forecasting tools like Schedule Generator, Auto Scheduler, Coverage Graph, and Daily Coverage Tab can help pinpoint vacancies and evaluate how well you’re meeting staffing needs.

Staff the proper skill-mix. Coverage Indicator and Staffing Assistant are features that help ensure you have the right people/roles on the job.

Control overtime. Set up Kronos to show projected hours in the Schedule Planner. Send staff home early or have them come in later to limit labor costs. The system can then promote changes to managers and/or employees as close to real-time as possible.

Know where to send staff when help is needed. Keep employee skills, certifications, proficiencies, and pay codes current to maintain accurate info on employee eligibility and availability. In healthcare, the staffing widget works wonders to identify which units have too many or too few people.

Who knows? With the right strategy and by using the right tools, you might even look forward to making your schedule. Check out the WFC Scheduler group on the Kronos Community if you have questions! Please note, you must be logged in to post or comment.


Different Strokes for Different Folks

June 20, 2017

“The things that make me different are the things that make me.” – A. A. Milne

Yes, this is a quote from a favorite childhood character, but it’s a wise statement even outside the Hundred Acre Wood. For instance, the things that are unique about an organization are the things that set it apart and position it as a desirable brand for customers as well as for employees. So simple, but yet, so true.

So what is an organization’s best differentiator? Is it salary? Benefits? The look and feel of the office? I’m sure they all play a role, but I’d have to agree with Gregg Gordon, vice president of the data science practice group at Kronos, that what truly differentiates a great organization from the pack is its workforce.

tws39-600-differentiatorIn his new book Your Last Differentiator: Human Capital, Gregg discusses the value that comes with fully utilizing the talent of your workforce and stresses that building employee engagement and increasing fiscal performance are not necessarily conflicting efforts. You can improve employee engagement while also improving your bottom line.

Gregg also states that employees are the reason customers love some brands so much more than others. Have you ever been to a WaWa? I haven’t, but a friend of mine from Pennsylvania raves about how it’s “the best” pit stop you’ll ever make on the road. From what I’ve heard, WaWa certainly has a compelling brand, one that clearly demonstrates the connection between employee engagement and the customer experience. Gregg writes in a recent blog post that one couple chose the WaWa where they first met as customers for their wedding venue – talk about building a brand driving customer loyalty!

To learn more about how you can enhance employee experience while achieving positive business and service outcomes, check out Your Last Differentiator: Human Capital!

Blue cheese olives and the engaged employee

June 19, 2017

Last Wednesday I had dinner at a Boston restaurant before “Wicked.” The food and service did not defy gravity. While ordering a martini, I asked if the establishment had blue cheese stuffed olives. “No” was the simple response from our disengaged waiter, Rick.

In contrast, Saturday night I finally got to “Bocado,” a Worcester, MA tapas restaurant (There’s also one in Wellesley, MA). I have fond memories of the tapas in Barcelona, and of the “Sangria Con Cava.” Bocado didn’t have a Sangria “con cava,” but they had an excellent sangria selection and amazing food. While the food was varied and delicious, the service really made Bocado shine for us Saturday night. Seated at the bar, service was provided by Matt and Veronica. I heard Veronica mention to a nearby couple her working experience. “I love working here it’s a great company.” She went on to say the company, the Niche Hospitality Group offers a 401K plan, and just as important, work-life balance and flexibility. “I don’t have to worry about child care,” Veronica noted. “If one of my kids are sick, they’re flexible around schedules.”

I chatted up Matt (one of Worcester’s best bartenders!) a bit about his experience. “One of the owners is here tonight. You’ll see him working, cleaning tables. They grew up in the restaurant business. They’ll never ask us to do anything they wouldn’t do themselves.”

It was a delicious and fun experience. As a strawberry shortcake was being finished off and the bill being paid. I noticed a couple down the bar getting martinis. Matt was stuffing olives with blue cheese by hand… That’s what employee engagement in the hospitality industry looks like.

Put Me In Coach

June 15, 2017

What motivates your employees? The answer to this question seems to depend largely on generation, but there’s one common motivating factor that stretches from Baby Boomers to Generation Z …Leadership.

If you’ve ever played a sport, you’ve experienced how a strong, inspiring leader influences how you play the game. It’s natural to give a little extra when there’s a great coach on the sideline rooting for you to succeed. The same applies out in the workforce.

I’ve been lucky enough to hear our CEO, Aron Ain, speak on a number of occasions. He’s the kind of authentic and enthusiastic leader that has you jumping up and down yelling, “Put me in coach!!” I’m eager to come into work and give it my all for a leader who I know does the same for all of the 5000+ Kronites across the globe.

I worked for a couple years in a different group before moving to Services Marketing, and I will never forget when Aron thanked me for what I was doing for Kronos after an event I had helped to coordinate. I wasn’t even a year out of college, so to receive this simple compliment felt like I’d just been awarded a Nobel Prize. It was then that it really sunk in how everyone at Kronos – individual contributors, managers, and directors alike – has a role that matters. Altogether, we shape this great company into a leading Aron Ain 2017 Ray Stata Awardorganization in the industry and create an outstanding, end-to-end experience for our customers.

So, I was not surprised when Kronos announced last week that Aron Ain was awarded the inaugural Ray Stata Leadership and Innovation Award by the Massachusetts High Technology Council on June 6th for his remarkable leadership qualities. What an honor! Under his leadership has grown a truly inspired culture at Kronos. Congrats to our incredible CEO!

The Internship

June 13, 2017

Interns2017Securing a new job isn’t easy, especially when you’re a soon to be college grad and it’s your first go at paving your way to the real world. But one way to make the process ten times easier is to have an internship (or a co-op) under your belt.

Internships are so important in today’s competitive realm of talent acquisition, and Kronos offers a great opportunity for aspiring young professionals to engage in interesting, challenging, and meaningful work. I found my way to Kronos the summer after my junior year at the University of New Hampshire…as an intern! I didn’t know it at the time, but this marked the beginning of my Kronos journey; and now, more than three years later, I’m still a proud Kronite.

It’s been about one week on the job for this year’s group of summer interns – and they’re already WorkInspired! I spoke with Kronos Community Intern, Ian Kondek, who shared that he’s eager to apply the knowledge he’s learned over the past three years to help make a difference for our customers. Ian will be heavily involved in initiatives to continue expanding and improving the Kronos Community, an online forum for customers and Kronos experts to collaborate and share tools, resources, and insights on maximizing Kronos solutions.

I’m always happy to see interns like Ian excited about their positions because interning is investing in the future. The experience provides valuable, real-world learning opportunities and the chance to build credibility within your field of interest before breaking out of the comforts of college life. And internship programs are good for businesses and organizations as well! Kronos finds great value in the fresh perspectives young professionals bring to the table and the role they play in helping to achieve innovation. The Kronos intern program continues to expand, with 100+ students working in our Greater Boston area offices as well as in other Kronos locations worldwide this summer.

So, why start your career at Kronos? Because interning here is awesome, and I speak from experience!

Megan’s Maxims – Controlling Costs

June 8, 2017

The latest in Megan’s Maxims, A Working Smarter Café Mini Series. Missed the previous post? Not to worry – click here.

Stack_of_coins_0214I finally sat down to count my change last weekend and was absolutely delighted to find out just how much I had saved in my various collection spots. I thought, “this must be what it feels like to realize cost savings through Kronos” – relatively speaking.

Today, we have a few tips on how to protect your organization from unnecessary costs. Simple practices like building schedules in Kronos, utilizing Genies, and evaluating your punch rounding scheme can save you both time and money on a remarkable scale.

For example, how might you control incremental overtime? Small tweaks to your solution can help ensure you’re set up to be cost effective.

  • Adjust your punch rounding practice/policy. We can offer options to validate what rounding scheme makes the most sense for your organization.
  • Build schedules in Kronos! Schedules are so important to help regulate overtime. Building them in Kronos allows you to work in tandem with timecard exceptions to efficiently monitor employees’ time.
  • WFC-datacollection-3.pngBuild projected overtime Genies. Starting in Workforce Central 7, overtime Genies can examine hours worked with scheduled shifts and calculate overtime for eligible employees to help minimize high labor costs.

It never hurts to be proactive about minimizing potential risks – especially when you can cut costs in the process. And Kronos makes it easy. After all, it’s designed to track your workforce, your most controllable expense!

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