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New blood keeps Kronos young!

May 5, 2014
Kronos Development Team

Kronos Development Team

There’s a young news story today about an old hope: the fountain of youth. Apparently, researchers have found that by injecting old mice with the blood of the young, the geezers showed “dramatic improvements in their muscle and brain.” OK, so botox and silicone, now blood. I wonder how long it will be before we start seeing those products on the market?

New Hire Onboarding at Kronos

New Hire Onboarding at Kronos

Sure, “young blood” keeps me young, too. Whether it’s the ever youthful (Play)Joyce, my children, grandchildren or kids here at work, an infusion of youth is good for the heart and soul. Speaking of the kids at work, we’ve got a lot of them as we use the infusion of new blood to keep Kronos young. You can see it in the youthfulness of our Development team. It’s amazing. They look so young! Seems every week we’ve got a new crop of kids learning how to use the InTouch.

Anyway, if you’re young, smart, and looking for a great place to work, think about how you working at Kronos can keep Kronos young!

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