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Your Port(al) in a information storm

October 5, 2015

information-overloadI consume a lot of information, and if you’re reading this, so do you. Actually maybe more than you should… Anyone working with a computer these days is in the eye of an information storm. OK, so that brought to mind the great Bob Seger song, “Against the Wind.”

“I’ve got so much more to think about
Deadlines and commitments
What to leave in, what to leave out”

How do you sift through the grains of nothingness to pan the info gold that is actually valuable to you? If you’re an HR or Payroll professional and a Kronos customer, I suggest you try our HR and Payroll Answerforce™ .  It’s relevant content from Wolters Kluwer, and provides “one source for research on HR and payroll related issues — Recruitment and Retention, JCAHO, Workplace Safety, HIPAA, and more. It also provides relevant state and federal laws and regulations for times when more in-depth information is needed.” All you have to do is log in to the customer portal, and then click on HR and Payroll Answerforce™.  Once there, just sign up for email alerts, and all the answers will come to you!

Here’s a sample from today that was delivered to my inbox:

10 essential questions employees should ask themselves during open enrollment season — PRACTICE TIP

Open enrollment season can be a time of high anxiety for employees who don’t know what kinds of insurance to consider and what benefit levels to select. Transamerica put together a list of 10 questions employees can ask themselves that may help ease the stress of benefits selection:

  1. What’s my share of medical costs? Deductibles, copays and coinsurance amounts are on the rise, so be sure to find out what they are before looking at policies designed to help with these and other expenses. An important part of financial planning is understanding what you would have to pay for a costly medical event such as an accident or critical illness.
  2. What are my out-of-pocket non-medical expenses? Many expenses such as transportation, child care and lost income due to missing work are not covered by your major medical insurance. These non-medical costs can add up quickly.
  3. Do I want to use my savings for these expenses? Even if there’s enough money in the bank to handle them, wouldn’t you rather use your savings for that retirement RV trip or the vacation planned for next year? The costs of supplemental insurance can be far less than those of a medical emergency. For example, purchasing a critical illness policy would pay a lump sum cash benefit after a heart attack, and that money could be used for travel to see a specialist or to cover child care while you focus on recovery.
  4. How would I make up for lost income if I became disabled? One of the most crucial items to protect is your income. Many employers offer some sort of coverage for long-term disability. Consider what could happen if you can’t work for three to six months due to a back injury. Short-term disability insurance provides a percentage of your pay for a specified period of time that could help with the mortgage – for the home where you’ve planted flowers and made the payment for the car that gets the girls to softball practice.
  5. What’s my health history? Past problems could indicate a predisposition to other problems and recurrences of similar issues. It’s not fun to think about risks to your health by things like smoking or watching sports on TV versus actually exercising. Whether or not you’re ready to make changes today, you may need medical treatment based on health habits, so it makes sense to get a policy like hospital indemnity insurance, which pays benefits for hospital stays.
  6. What’s my family medical history? Has anyone in your family had cancer, heart disease or high blood pressure? Consider how cancer insurance or critical illness insurance can help if you’ve inherited certain family illnesses, along with Dad’s interesting nose and Mom’s loud laugh.
  7. What does my family like to do in our spare time? Playing sports, hiking or spending time at the lake? Some activities carry more risk for injury. If you or your child has an accident, you’ll need to cover increased expenses. Accident insurance pays benefits you can use for medical bills and other out-of-pocket expenses.
  8. Do I go in for routine eye exams and dental cleanings? Your eyes may be a window to your soul but they can also help detect potential health issues. Plus, protecting your oral health represents a crucial disease-prevention strategy. Vision and dental insurance can be a great value, and make getting retro-chic glasses or teeth cleanings a snap. Consider what you’d spend without one or both of these types of policies and balance that amount against the cost of coverage.
  9. How does my age affect my health risk factors? Getting older can make insurance even more important. At younger ages, the risk is lower so some types of insurance are more affordable. Take a look at your employer’s group rates—they may be lower than you think.
  10. Does anyone need my income in the event of my death? Do I have life insurance? Do I have enough life insurance? Group life insurance is competitively priced and offers certain levels of coverage on a guaranteed issue basis.

Can I give you some feedback?

October 2, 2015

Peeple ProfileThat’s what Barb used to ask before telling me something I didn’t want to hear, but needed to. If you haven’t heard about Peeple, you will. Described as “Yelp for People,” the upcoming app will allow you to rate people using a five star system in 3 categories: personal, professional or romantic.


Here’s what my profile will look like. Not. There will always be people who don’t like you. The advent of this app does give me pause to think about how peeple think about me. It’s going to be interesting if this thing gets launched. We’ll see. The internet isn’t too pumped. Anyway, to prep for how this may affect you, think about these questions. There are many questions one could ask to determine “Am I a good person,” but I think you can get pretty close to an accurate assessment with these 3:

  1. Are you honest? No, I mean really. Think about that one.
  2. Do you treat people with respect? You know, like that waitress.
  3. Are you selfless or selfish? Is it all about you?

If you are honest, treat people with respect and act in a selfless manner, you probably have nothing to fear from the Peeple in any of their 3 categories.

Commandment to Hire

October 1, 2015


William Tincup may not be “the most interesting man in the world,” but as one of the principals of KeyInterval Research and a board member of our Workforce Institute, he is a very interesting dude with a point of view on all things HR. Not to mention his social media presence often brings a smile to my face just like memes of the “Dos Equis” guy. William’s latest brain teasing post is The Ten “Apply Now” Commandments on Fistful of Talent.  Mr. Tincup is a fun guy, and he’s not afraid to shoot straight on our world of work. Here’s a quick one.

“Best advice I was ever given was ‘never quit because of one jackass. Most likely he/she is hated by everyone. Just hold firm and let time heal that wound.’” —William Tincup, SPHR

Speaking of recruiting, we’re still seeking a leader for our Services and Distribution consulting practice. And we’ll do our best to follow the Ten Commandments of Tincup!

Twenty Flight Rock in Boulder County

September 30, 2015
Not my ticket...

Not my ticket…

It’s almost 34 years to the day that I was in the shadow of the Rockies in Boulder County, Colorado. It was the mid-point of a college road trip to see the Rolling Stones at the University of Colorado. The 1,800 mile odyssey took us from Tucson through the deserts in Arizona and New Mexico, including a serendipitous viewing of the annual balloon fiesta in Albuquerque in daylight and darkness. The trip and the show is burned into the life highlight reel.

Now I’m happy to say Boulder County is a happy government customer for Kronos. Check out their story, and if you ever get to visit, do it, do it, do it!

Boulder County

The new Workforce Central Language Pack is here!

September 29, 2015

global languagesIn this week’s Customer Success Report, one of the highlights is a global Services & Distribution company completing their US Workforce Central pilot go-live for 2500 employees. That will be followed by 14,500 more in the US, then 15,000 employees in the Philippines, and finally 10,000 employees in Latin America. These global rollouts require local language support, and today our new Workforce Central v8.0.3 Language Pack is scheduled to post to the customer portal! Thanks to Google Translate for helping me share the news!

Chinese (Simplified) -新的劳动力中央v8.0.3语言包计划发布到客户门户上周二, 9月29日。

Chinese (Traditional) -新的勞動力中央v8.0.3語言包計劃發布到客戶門戶週二, 9月29日

Dutch – De nieuwe Workforce Central v8.0.3 Language Pack is gepland om te posten aan de klant portaal op dinsdag 29 september .

French (Canada) – La nouvelle main-d’œuvre v8.0.3 centrale Language Pack est prévu de publier sur le portail client , le mardi 29 Septembre .

French (France) – La nouvelle main-d’œuvre v8.0.3 centrale Language Pack est prévu de publier sur le portail client , le mardi 29 Septembre .

German – Die neue Workforce Zentral v8.0.3 Language Pack wird voraussichtlich zum Kundenportal auf Dienstag, 29. September veröffentlichen .

Italian – La nuova forza lavoro centrale v8.0.3 Language Pack è in programma di inviare al portale cliente il Martedì, 29 settembre.

Japanese -新しい人材中央v8.0.3言語パックは、9月29日(火曜日)に、顧客のポータルに掲載する予定です。

Korean -새로운 인력 중앙 v8.0.3 언어 팩 화요일 2008 년 9 월 29 일자고객 포털 에 게시 할 예정이다.

Polish – Nowe Workforce Central v8.0.3 Language Pack zaplanowano opublikować w portalu klienta we wtorek , 29 września .

Portuguese (Brazil) – O novo Workforce v8.0.3 Central Language Pack está programado para postar no portal do cliente na terça-feira 29 de Setembro.

Spanish (Mexico) – La nueva Fuerza Laboral v8.0.3 central Language Pack está programado para publicar en el portal del cliente el martes 29 de septiembre.

Has NASA discovered the cloud on Mars?

September 28, 2015

Mars-CloudsLater this morning NASA has a news conference to announce a “major science finding” about Mars. I’m thinking maybe they’re just fooling us and will show a new trailer for “The Martian,” coming out on Friday. There is some speculation that NASA will announce the discovery of water on the Red Planet. If there’s water, then there could be water vapor… You know where I’m going with this. Maybe NASA has discovered the cloud on Mars! Anyway, it’s pretty far away, and you don’t need to go to Mars to get the cloud right now! In fact, Kronos has two flavors of cloud right here on Earth:

Workforce Central in the cloud

Workforce Ready

Oh, and go see “The Martian” on Friday. The book by Andy Weir was fantastic!

What hasn’t happened (yet) in Vegas stays in Vegas?

September 25, 2015

KW2014Many of our customers may wonder, “What’s KronosWorks like?” On “Filmstrip Friday” I’ll use the magic tube of you to explain. Here are the recaps of three days at KronosWorks in 2014 at the Aria in Las Vegas. In the Tuesday segment, our fabulous marketing manager for Workforce Ready, Kristen Wylie teases us with the Tuesday night customer appreciation event. The Hakkasan Nightclub was incredibly fun, even for a boomer like me. And this years event is going to rock, especially if you like live music, but I can’t talk about that because our headliner is no little upstart. They are BIG in any town. Anyway, who they are has to stay in Vegas for now, but check out our daily updates below, then register to join us in just 50 days!





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