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I wish I had more time…

September 2, 2014

time waits for no oneIn addition to posting every day this month, I want to better use every moment granted me in September. I’ve got big work projects, home projects including a yard that needs replanting, a waistline that needs shrinking, and most of all, loved ones who need my time. Time is a pretty big deal here at Kronos, and when I read about workers claiming “wage theft” from unpaid time, it seems our solutions should be a bigger deal to some employers. Scratch that. Maybe ethics needs to be more of a big deal to some employers. In another article, Gallup reports the average work week for Americans is 47 hours. What’s yours? Where are you “spending” your limited time?

Hopefully September will be time well spent for me. And you.

Birthday Suits in the Cloud

September 1, 2014

Animal-House-thank-you-godThe good news is, Kronos doesn’t store your nude photos in the Workforce Central Cloud or in Workforce Ready. Yesterday the social networks went wild over alleged hacking of celebrity nude photos. “If only the clouds in the sky would leak beautiful naked famous ladies…” was a tweet reminder of a classic “Animal House” scene about the dreams of 13 year old boys. Except this isn’t at all funny for the human beings exploited, or for the many of us don’t take adequate precautions with our very personal data stored online.

This Mashable article by Christina Warren is the best one I found explaining the potential for cloud breaches of your data, and includes fundamental security tips to protect yourself:

  • Using secure, unique passwords on their accounts and devices
  • Using two-factor authentication when available
  • Enabling locks and passwords on computers and phone accounts
  • Running the latest version of an operating system

Which reminds me of that whole Java thing

Help me hit one billion blog views in September!

August 29, 2014

OK, not really a billion, but…

30for30I’m taking the weekend off, but not the long weekend. I’ll be laboring on Labor Day to bring you the 1st of 30 blog posts, one every day during the month! That’s right, #30DaysOfMe… Unless in desperation I use guest bloggers. See, I have a monthly blog views goal that I intend to make, and I need your help. It’s pretty easy. If you like a post, share it with others you think would like it. That’s it. How? Well, you can use the little sharing buttons that look like this at the bottom of each post, or  use Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google +, and even Pinterest to share the posts you like.


Now I’m out to rest up so I can #blogfor30.

Have a safe, long weekend, and I’ll see you in September!

Cheesy Cloud Headlines

August 28, 2014

old man yells at cloudIt’s been a while since I’ve commented on the cloud, and my blog views are way up. Go figure. Even (Play)Joyce says, “Once I see cloud I’m out…” Maybe people are just sick of the cloud hype. Still, the cheesy headlines keep coming. In an email from Workforce Magazine, a headline blared Special Report: HRMS Vendors Say, ‘Hey, You, Get Onto My Cloud.‘ It’s a good article though, and explores the renewed investment by organizations in HRMS, but that headline… That one just seemed too obvious, so I never used it. Not that I haven’t used the world’s greatest rock and roll band as inspiration:

That’s also not to say I’ve never used cheesy cloud headlines. Here are some of my worst offenders. Hey, this is harder than it looks…

Can you give me some more ideas for cheesy headlines, cloud and otherwise?

Storytelling: It’s an Experience

August 27, 2014

got time for a story“Got time for a story?” My friend and former boss, Barb… Wait, no one ever really stops working for Barb. She loves to use that line and she tells a great story. Once, when I did work for her, We were struggling with a Powerpoint deck for a big presentation she was giving. Finally, she said, “ditch the Powerpoint.” Smart girl. She presented with no slides and no props. She stood in front of the audience and told them a story. She captured them and held their attention. It was a great lesson for me.

Yesterday I wrote about our 1 in one hundred million storytelling campaign, and earlier this month User Experience (UX) design was the topic. Today they come together in an article in UX Magazine by Marc Cajolet (of Kronos), Sarah Bloomer, and Alexandra Stevens about how Kronos is using “User Narratives” in “a major new initiative to accelerate into the cloud-based market.” I love this part:

“…the UX team was tasked with evaluating and evolving many of Kronos’s previously held assumptions about their products and users. Rather than using existing products and well-documented solutions as the starting point, the team wanted to start from scratch and encourage new thinking.”

Check out the article, but first take a minute to listen to Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter, explain the user narrative.

“Everyday Raconteurs” bring the workplace alive

August 26, 2014

1 in 100000000(Play)Joyce loves the Moth Radio Hour. I do too, but I’m not the avid listener she is. Last fall she took me to a live performance of The Moth in Boston for my birthday. I love storytelling, and the dead silence of the theater between words was achieved without anyone asking. The stories were raw, funny, heartbreaking, and all demanded attention. Storytelling is art. When the Moth Radio Hour won a Peabody Award in 2010, the judges wrote “Storytelling, likely the oldest art, is revered and reinvigorated by this hour for everyday raconteurs.” As a padawan raconteur , I’m thrilled to learn we’re working with Lea Thau, Executive and Creative Director of The Moth from 2001 to 2010, and creator of The Moth Radio Hour, for which she won… yeah, a 2010 Peabody Award as Director, Producer and Co-host.


Working with Director and Executive Producer Alan Chebot (he’s only won 5 Emmys), Ms. Thau will interview “the people who do the many important and too-often unrecognized jobs we all rely on…” The 1 in one hundred million.

Here’s our first story. Meet Chris Merrick, a 34 year veteran firefighter. This is so cool…

Are You a Social Employee? Why not?

August 25, 2014

For someone that hates the term “personal brand,” I spend considerable time engaged in activities that are supposed to build it. The thing I loathe about the term is the inauthenticity of it. [Right now I sense (Play)Joyce rolling her eyes and thinking, “here he goes getting all righteous again.”] Sorry, phoniness irritates me. Why can’t we just be decent human beings, treat each other with mutual respect, and do our jobs? Aren’t those the traits of a solid professional brand? Anyway, the activities I mentioned are as an employee advocate, or “activist” as Karen Higginbottom defines in Forbes:

“an individual who draws visibility to their workplace, defends their employers from criticism and act as advocates, both online and off.”

I blog, therefore I am… a social employee. I then use Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google +, and even Pinterest to “act as an advocate” for Kronos. Why don’t more of my co-workers use their social channels to advocate for Kronos? Employee advocacy is so powerful, and we have incredibly high employee satisfaction and engagement! I don’t get it. In the Tedx talk by Mark Burgess, President of Blue Focus Marketing below, he cites a Nielsen study that shows ‘nearly 90 percent of people don’t trust corporate pitches, but anywhere from 78 to 92 percent of people trust “earned media,” or peer recommendations and word-of-mouth through social channels.’ He also depicts the benefits of employee advocacy for employers and employees. There’s one benefit that really jumped out at me for employees:



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