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Any Kronos Spiceheads out there?

August 3, 2015

Kronos Spiceworks Concentric CirclesAfter I wrote “Astroturfing” means fake reviews, our sales rep (sadly, she’s moved on, but our new SpiceRep seems like a good and competent guy) wrote:

“Why not include Spiceworks in this? Just a thought.
Certainly IT pros in Spiceworks who are following
your blog are likely happy Kronos customers.

Just a thought J”

A good thought. Thanks Leigh. At the time our Kronos “vendor page” and product pages for Workforce Ready and Workforce Central were not quite there, but now they are!

The thing about Spiceworks…
Spiceworks-LogoIt’s a vibrant social network/community of 6 million IT professionals, so as a “Green Guy,” or vendor rep for Kronos, I need to cover my marketing head with a propeller hat. Hey, I kid the Spiceheads, and while they have good senses of humor, they have little patience for sales pitches in a community that exists to help one another. If you’re in IT, I highly recommend Spiceworks.

And if you’re a Spicehead and support Kronos for your organization, please follow us, review the products you support, and say “hey” to our green guy!

Inside a star cloud – Kronos Workforce Ready

July 29, 2015

sun balanceMy nightly slipping into unconsciousness ritual usually involves playing an episode of “How the Universe Works” from my DVR, setting my TV timer to 60 minutes, and letting the mind-blowing story of the universe lull me to sleep. Last night’s episode was Extreme Stars, an exploration of how stars work, and how they’re created and eventually die. Here’s what I learned – A star is basically a giant ball of billions of nuclear explosions (fusion) held together by a perfectly balanced amount of gravity.

Stars are born when giant (like bigger than our entire solar system) clouds (natch) condense over billions of years, eventually becoming so compressed by gravity that the fusion begins…

In other cloud news, here’s a look into one of our star clouds – the place where Workforce Ready shines bright.

WFR Infrastructure - July 2015

Do Androids Dream of Electric Upgrades?

July 28, 2015

AndroidSleepI have not read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, but my love of sci-fi and a 4.06 Goodreads rating may collude for a Kindle download. It’s got potential:

“…future and past blurred; what he had already experienced
and what he would eventually experience blended so that
nothing remained but the moment.”
― Philip K. Dick, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

At this moment, I’m waiting for an Android to arrive. An LG G4 to be exact. It’s an upgrade for my failing LG G2. Here are the factors for my selection:

1. The LG G2 experience has been excellent, especially the battery life, and I’ve grown to love the “knock on” functionality.
2. The Nexus 6 was a contender with its “pure” Android interface, but it’s muy gigante.
3. The Samsung S6 Edge is a beautiful device, but see #1 above.

A great experience = a repeat customer. Huh.

There are 950,000,000 Androids globally, and they’re in the news because of a nasty bug called “Stagefright” that allows hackers to take over an Android device simply by sending it a maliciously modified photo or video. Google has issued a patch, but now manufacturers like LG and carriers like AT&T need to get the patch out to the masses…

Speaking of Androids, did you know we have mobile apps for Workforce Central and Workforce Ready? And yes, we also have mobile apps for Workforce Central and Workforce Ready for you iPeople, too.

Learning is Fundamental

July 24, 2015

Happy Fval_400x400riday, all! Today, please enjoy this guest post from Valerie Welland, Customer Experience Manager at Kronos. Today Val opens with a quote from Benjamin something. I don’t think she knows the guy personally or anything, but it is a great quote! Thanks Val and Ben!

By Valerie Welland

“Tell me and I forget.
Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn.”
– Benjamin Franklin

Good ole Ben is right. Many people learn by being shown and then doing, but if you are involved in the process – you become invested in the outcome.

We talk a lot about Kronos customer experience. The quote above is why. With the feedback we receive from customer surveys, advice from our customer advisory board, and insights from many other customers, we are able to improve our process and products for our customers benefit.

We want our customers to feel involved in the outcome, and we want them to gain all the benefits they can from their Kronos software.

PortalOne of the ways to learn is by using our customer portal. Within the portal, one can find a ton of great information, including documentation and manuals on how to use or administer our software. Also, within a customer portal account, our customers can sign up for the customer version of our Kronos newsletter, Workforce Matters. This newsletter is chuck full of product information, industry related news, links to blogs, webinars, and ‘How do I’ – a “how to” article written based off of customer survey feedback. To start the learning process, simply:

  1. Sign up or login to the customer portal
  2. Sign up for Workforce Matters. (once in the portal, click community and there is a link for sign up)
  3. Schedule a customer portal tour, our support team would be happy to help show you some tips and get you off on the right foot!

If you’re not a Kronos customer, you can still get Workforce Matters. Here’s how, and here’s a peek:

WFM-July 2015

Kronos contributes to US and Global Employment Gains!

July 23, 2015

workInspiredENThis morning the US Department of Labor reported the fewest number of jobless claims since 1973. That’s the good news. The bad news is Kronos still has over 200 job openings! Here are some examples:

Practice Manager
Practice Director
 US-Remote / Home Office
SW Engineer III
QA Automation Developer
Sr Sales Executive
Sr. Manager - Networks & Security
Services Portfolio Consultant- Retail
 US-Remote / Home Office
Cloud Systems Architect-Network & Security
Instructional Designer/Curriculum Lead 
(Technology, Reporting & Analytics)
Assoc Mgr, SQA

There are 200 more on our careers page all over the world and in all areas! Oh, and check out Glassdoor to find out what it’s like working at Kronos. It’s been in all the papers

Kronos – doing our part to lower the global unemployment rate!

The great cloud migration

July 22, 2015

Bloomberg on cloudIt’s company earnings season, and the importance of cloud computing to many tech companies is showing up in many reported results. In this excellent Bloomberg video report, Caroline Hyde explains how the cloud has impacted the financial results of SAP (good), IBM (not so good), and Amazon (pretty good). SAP has executed well in migrating their customers to cloud solutions, but IBM has not been as efficient in their efforts to go cloud. Amazon (you know, where you can buy everything) is using its profitable cloud business, Amazon Web Services, to essentially subsidize the nano-thin margins in their monstrous retail business.


Kristina Lengyel, Kronos Vice President, Global Professional Services

The success or failure of a tech giant like SAP or IBM migrating huge populations of long-time customers to the cloud is dependent on creating a positive experience for their customers making the trip. Kronos now has over 14,000 customers in our cloud, so we have learned a great deal about what it takes to successfully transition a customer’s Kronos solution from their own in-house data-center to our cloud. In this NetworkWorld article, Kristina Lengyel, our Vice President Global Professional Services describes how proper planning and preparation reduces risk, resulting in a smooth migration to the cloud. For Kronos Workforce Central customers, our cloud readiness assessment examines architecture, databases, applications, networks, specialized hardware, third-party interfaces, extensions, customizations, and more. It’s a smart investment that will help get the solution into our cloud efficiently so that users of the system can remain uninterrupted and productive.

And that is something our success depends on.

Upgrading to Workforce Central 8? You Don’t Want to Miss This!

July 21, 2015

WFC 8Terri Edkins walked into my office this morning and asked if she could do a post on her big Workforce Central 8 upgrade webinar later today. I said yes. Our Workforce Central 8 intro webinar (link to recording) attracted around 2,500 folks, so this one is likely to be pretty well attended…

Today’s the day!  Join us for our Workforce Central 8 Upgrade webinar, Six Tips to Make Your Upgrade Easier at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time to learn about the things you can do to make your upgrade easier and more efficient. Five Kronos Services experts offer their insights on how you can be more productive at go-live based on their experiences working in the field.  Some of the topics they’ll cover will include instituting a communication plan, the option of upgrading to the Kronos Cloud to help lower costs and increase IT productivity, pre-upgrade testing, user training, plus reviewing and updating your business processes. And you’ll have the opportunity pick their brains about your upgrade!

We hope to see you this afternoon.


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