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Today and tomorrow…

November 25, 2015

34ce09fToday is the day when I write something about what I’m thankful for. Here you go.

  • My mom and brother are coming over for Thanksgiving. And mom is bringing a pie.
  • There will be laughter in my home. That doesn’t happen everywhere.
  • A little voice brightens my life every day. A real one, not the voice in my head…
  • I don’t worry about things. Worry is wasted energy.
  • I’m thankful to still feel immense curiosity and wonder.
  • Music that soothes the soul.
  • Words. Those of others and some of my own.
  • Opportunity. At Kronos and in my life. It’s there.
  • Exercise. Of mind and body.
  • Health. Ibid.
  • Art. It’s everywhere.
  • Somewhere during the past 13.7 billion years stars exploded and their remnants make up everything on Earth including you and I.
  • The people who love me. I love you, too.

Tomorrow after the brining, buttering, baking, basting, boiling and broiling, there will be a moment when I stare into the culinary abyss and think, “that looks just like a cloud.” Happy Thanksgiving.

mashed potato cloud

Holiday Makeover

November 24, 2015

happy-thanksgiving-dont-forget-to-set-your-scales-back-10-pounds-tonightIt’s always a challenge to stay (relatively) fit during the holidays, so I’m amping up my time at the gym. I need to build and maintain my stamina to eat at a respectable Thanksgiving pace. And the odds are against any efforts during the next month or so to actually lose weight. Hey, but that doesn’t mean we don’t try. Every day provides the opportunity to get better.

WFR new UI DashboardSpeaking of getting better, our Workforce Ready is about to unveil its holiday makeover in the form of a new fresh and clean user interface. It’s quite attractive, and in less than an hour you can get an early peek. Or just check out the new UI page for more details. Many customers got an early look during KronosWorks. Here’s what one early uh, bird had to say:

“It is impressive how Kronos enhanced the user interface with an appealing look and intuitive navigation features without losing any of the functionality our users love. By continuing to listen to customer community feedback, Kronos has made all the right tweaks to simplify the most commonly used elements so that anyone can jump into Workforce Ready, navigate efficiently, and complete critical tasks. We can’t wait to start using the fresh interface.” – Brad Nycz, human resources director, Dowco

The Workforce Ready holiday makeover goes live for all WFR customers on December 2!

Shock Me (with great ideas)

November 23, 2015

Pavlok iconI guess my Fitbit Charge HR has a new feature called “SmartTrack” that will automatically detect when I’ve started a workout session. That’s cool, I guess. I could always look at the heart rate graphs to see that, but anyway… What my Fitbit needs is the functionality in this Pavlok badboy so it delivers an electric shock anytime it senses the motion of me opening the refrigerator. That would contribute more to improving my fitness than tracking my workouts. I’ll have to figure out how to give Fitbit my input.

Hey, if you’d like to contribute your ideas to the usability of Kronos products, we’re engaging our users for targeted usability studies. These help us build better products and it gives our customers insight into how we work to build a great user experience.

Sign up for a future user study! We promise not to shock you.

No Humans for HR?

November 20, 2015

Cooper repairing TARSThe more I delve into “Interstellar,” the deeper it gets. Sure, I’m fascinated by the concept of love as a natural force like gravity, but why go there? If you’d like to read more about love being “the one thing we’re capable of perceiving that transcends dimensions of time and space,” I recommend:

No, let me set the scene. Cooper, played by Matthew McConaughey is setting some parameters on a robot named TARS. The Interstellar wiki describes TARS‘ personality as “witty, sarcastic, and humorous, traits programmed into him to make him a better suited companion.”

TARS: [as Cooper repairs him] Settings. General settings. Security settings.
TARS: Honesty, new setting: ninety-five percent.
TARS: Confirmed. Additional settings.
Cooper: Humor, seventy-five percent.
TARS: Confirmed. Self destruct sequence in T minus 10, 9…
Cooper: Let’s make that sixty percent.
TARS: Sixty percent, confirmed. Knock knock.
Cooper: You want fifty-five?

It’s a funny scene and it illustrates the concept of artificial intelligence in machines. The advancement in robotic technology in our real world has some people very concerned. A Google search of “robots taking jobs” brings up a plethora of recent news on the issue, including some citing an economist from the Bank of England predicting 95 million jobs will be lost to robots in the next 10 to 20 years… Extrapolate that out a few more years and… no more HR.

Don’t freak just yet. One of my favorite tech/business writers, Greg Satell, writing on his DigitalTonto site notes that there are many human social skills that robots are “almost comically bad at.” I highly recommend Greg’s article, and it closes on an optimistic note:

“The future belongs not to the strongest or the smartest, but those who can collaborate—with humans and machines—most effectively.”

How are your collaborative skills? Collaboration is something we focus on and highly value at Kronos. If you are a collaborative human, check us out. Oh, a high honesty setting is required, and your high humor setting is a plus.

What about (Bob)bie?

November 19, 2015

412sy23fucL._SX321_BO1,204,203,200_As Thanksgiving in the US approaches, I’m thinking about What About Bob, the hilarious comedy starring Bill Murray as psychiatric patient Bob Wiley, and Richard Dreyfuss, as Dr. Leo Marvin, author of “Baby Steps,” but that’s not important right now…

Speaking of Bob though, in all the excitement this week about KronosWorks, I forgot to tell you that the Workforce Institute released the third book in its thought leadership trilogy, It’s All About Bob(bie) – Strategies for Winning With Your Employees. I read it, and it’s a very accessible and practical book if you’re looking for ways to “create a virtuous cycle of employee engagement, customer loyalty, and better bottom-line results.”

Weary Wednesday at KronosWorks…

November 18, 2015

Hey, great pic, Shelley Hahn!

“I’ll never do that again.” I’m sure some attendees of last night’s “customer appreciation event” in Vegas may be muttering that to themselves this morning (and you know who you are…), but… as a 15 year veteran, I can tell you the first rule of KronosWorks is:

“Ya gotta answer the bell.”

Let me help. While I can’t find your shoes, help you pack, or most importantly, bring you coffee, I can tell you what Wednesday sessions to attend if you’re a Workforce Central customer. I realize it was a late night, but you do remember what product you have, right? Good. Here we go:

8:45 – 09:30 AM (this is the tough one, but totally worth it if you still have Workforce Central on-premise)
KR-82: Keeping Your Kronos System Healthy – in Juniper 4 with technology consultant, Eben Corbiere

What you’ll learn (if you stay awake):

  • Understand key components that drive performance
  • Learn about tuning opportunities for Workforce Central
  • Understand how to uncover potential issues before they happen

9:45 – 11:15 AM (3 cups of coffee later, let’s get you upgraded – your system – sorry, you’re still in coach)
KR-81: Upgrading Workforce Central on Premises and in the Cloud: Ask the Experts – in Pinyon 2 moderated by technology consultant, Bob Hosken

What you’ll learn (it’s technical stuff):

  • Understand upgrade considerations and challenges
  • Get upgrade questions answered by upgrade experts
  • Share knowledge with others customers who are upgrading

10:45 – 11:30 AM (It’s the home stretch and you need to justify this trip and the one next year)
KR-52: How to Justify Expanding Your Kronos Footprint to Your CFO in Pinyon 3 with workforce business consultant, Alex Kerin

What you’ll learn (pay attention so you can come back next year!):

  • Learn about the value areas associated with expansion of the solution
  • Understand methods to attach a return on investment to these
  • Increase the chance of getting the project funded

Thanks to all of our customers and partners for attending. See you (maybe) next year… Safe travels, everyone.

Kronos Paragon – a model of excellence

November 17, 2015

Key Elements of Kronos ParagonYesterday we announced Kronos ParagonTM at KronosWorks. Based upon customer reaction in the event app, I think they liked it…

“Paragon: Wow!”
“Paragon looks incredible!”
“So excited about Paragon!”
“Kronos Paragon would make work-life balance possible…”
“Holy cow! This is huge! #Paragon #UnintendedTrumpReference”
“Kronos Paragon. #gamechanger?”
“Want to know more about Paragon!”

Having worked on the marketing for this new cloud implementation methodology, here are my highlights:

  • Paragon puts industry configured working software (vetted by Kronos industry experts) in the hands of customers fast. From there, they work with our consultants to tweak it to their exact specifications.
  • The tool provides automated test cases based on the configuration to greatly accelerate testing.
  • At the click of a button, easy to read system documentation is produced reflecting the current configuration.
  • Project communication is greatly enhanced because project members from the customer and Kronos communicate together in an online workspace.

Paragon will greatly improve our customer experience, speed their time-to-value, and increase user adoption because users will be hands-on with the software beginning very early in the process. Here’s the Paragon brochure.

Peter TaylorSpeaking of successful projects, don’t miss Peter Taylor, the head of our Global Project Management Office today from 3:00 PM -3:45 PM in Juniper 2 for session KR-36, Real Project Management. Peter is a wonderful presenter, and I’ve seen this presentation. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Understand the five key skills for project success
  • Get advice and guidance on how to be more effective in these areas
  • Appreciate the role that a project office can play in delivering value to your business

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