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Running out of Days

April 6, 2016

KaleIt’s a busy time here as we make fundamental, positive changes to our business. This morning as I headed out thinking of all I need to get done before the week is over, I asked my grand-daughter what day it was:

Me: “Is it Wednesday or Thursday?”
Maddie: “Wednesday.”
Me: “Oh, good!”
Maddie: “Why Papa?”
Me: “Baby, I’m running out of days.”

As I slid down the pole to the Bat-Cave and mobile, the words hung with me… “I’m running out of days.” Yeah, aren’t we all? I thought about how I want to spend them, and how to spend them healthy. You know, the usual… Eat well. Exercise. Hang upside down. As the Bat-garage door descended, thoughts turned back to my work to-do list. A blog post… Oh, Kronos was once again named one of the region’s Healthiest Employers by the Boston Business Journal. It’s true. We have a Wellness Coach on staff, a fitness center, fitness classes, a “Biggest Winner” contest beginning April 11th, and yeah, our cafeteria serves a great Kale Caesar.

Wanna get healthy? Filling one of our 300+ job openings is a start!

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