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I Googled Google (and Kronos)

January 13, 2016

Google and KronosHere are my last 10 searches going back to the weekend.. You can find your searches here.

  1. my google searches
  2. Google and Kronos
  3. trader joe’s locations
  4. Seasons 52 Burlington
  5. DJIA
  6. memorial day 2016
  7. stay lyrics bowie
  8. golden years lyrics
  9. david bowie foxboro stadium
  10. chicken pho recipe

Kronos on Google MapsThe “Google and Kronos” search brought up this French article. An English version of the cool Google and Kronos story is here. To me, one of the more interesting aspects of this integration of Google Apps for Work with our Workforce Ready suite for small to mid-sized organizations is:

“…a new connection to Google Maps, SMBs will be able to list job openings with company-specific information on their Google Maps pin as well as identify geographic talent pools for more efficient hiring…”

Until you have that, of course, you can just jump into our talent pool.

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