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The internet has no eraser…

December 9, 2014

bill wants youThis was to be a simple post on our need for Kronos users to give their opinions on new and changing designs for Workforce Central. Rachel Goodenough, one of our user experience researchers wrote:

“Since they’re the ones that actually use the software, we want to make sure it meets their expectations and allows them to do what they want to do. It’s much easier to get a design changed earlier in the design process before decisions are made and designs are sent to development.”

Your help may include participation in focus groups, design walk-through/usability studies, self-guided reviews, workplace observations, phone interviews, and online surveys. We’re looking for Kronos users of all levels, ages, geographic locations, roles, and industries, so if you’d like to participate in our research, take this quick survey to get started. Also, please share this with any interested co-worker who may want to participate…

My usual exhaustive research you’ve come to expect turned up an old blog from the mid-2000’s called by the creative Hans Bjordahl. I found Hans when I wanted to give proper attribution for his amusing cartoon on usability testing. Of course, ours won’t be like this…


Anyway, I poked around on bugbash, and found a 2005 post titled, “Blogs: Passing Fad or Permanent Media Shift?” What I found most interesting were two comments. First, none other than Robert Scoble wrote, “Google is the reason they (blogs) aren’t fads.” Right you are/were, Robert. Then, a Jason Cox wrote, “It all depends on who is doing the blogging. For the typical user who finds something like MSN Spaces where they can type stuff in and upload pictures and show it to the world that’s definitely a fad.” Hmmm…

If anyone knows Jason, would you please tell him about Facebook?


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