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Cloud a “failed revolution?” Uh, no.

June 5, 2014

word cloudYesterday featured an article titled, Has Cloud Computing Been a Failed Revolution? The provocative title was based on a graphic showing a decline of Google searches for “cloud computing” since a peak in 2011. It’s a good read and theorizes that IT may be the obstacle in organizations to wider adoption of cloud. In fact, it concludes with this ominous bit of advice:

“Unless IT steps up the pace of implementation, the next five years will be a period of intense pain for IT organizations as they try to find a new role that keeps them relevant to users, who will continue embrace providers (cloud) more responsive to their needs.”

Maybe people are just sick of the media and vendor Nimbostratus barrage. I know I am. While my content tags are still dominated by cloud, dreaming up yet another cloud analogy does make me a little nauseous these days… Still, two of the top all-time searches that bring people to this space are “tell me about the cloud” and “Kronos cloud computing.” The real proof though is in the business results. We now have over 11,000 customers in the cloud, and as you can see in the list below, many of our existing Workforce Central customers are moving their on-premise systems to our private cloud. Oh, and if you ask the big guy these days, “How are things going in the cloud,” he throws down like this…

The cloud revolution at Kronos isn’t anywhere near peaking.  Here’s a list of Workforce Central customer deployments just in our private cloud since my last list.

Industry Type Version Go-Live Employees
Manufacturing Upgrade 7 4/9/2014 750
Public Sector Upgrade 6.3 4/13/2014 7,000
Public Sector Upgrade 7 4/14/2014 700
Federal Upgrade 6.3 4/15/2014 2,464
Healthcare Upgrade 7 4/16/2014 3,150
Manufacturing New 6.2 4/16/2014 8,000
Public Sector New 7 4/16/2014 1,785
S&D Upgrade 7 4/25/2014 4,200
Retail Upgrade 7 4/27/2014 6,800
Healthcare Upgrade 6.3 4/30/2014 210
S&D Upgrade 7 5/6/2014 400
Public Sector Upgrade 7 5/8/2014 250
Manufacturing Upgrade 7 5/11/2014 7,600
S&D Upgrade 7 5/12/2014 12,000
Manufacturing Upgrade 6.3 5/13/2014 750
Public Sector Upgrade 6.2 5/16/2014 1,300
Public Sector New 7 5/16/2014 1,450
Healthcare Upgrade 7 5/18/2014 5,450
Public Sector Upgrade 7 5/19/2014 500
Manufacturing Upgrade 7 5/19/2014 750
Healthcare New 7 5/19/2014 750
Retail Upgrade 7 5/25/2014 1,600
Manufacturing Upgrade 6.3 5/26/2014 250
Public Sector Upgrade 7 5/28/2014 600
Public Sector Upgrade 7 5/28/2014 1,700
Retail Upgrade 7 5/29/2014 4,000
S&D New 7 6/4/2014 750
Retail Upgrade 6.3 6/1/2014 4,100
Retail Upgrade 6.3 6/2/2014 90,000
Manufacturing Upgrade 7 6/2/2014 9,000
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