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Christmas Gadget Special! (with a side of guilt)

December 12, 2013

meaning of christmasPersonally, I don’t have a “war on Christmas” so I have no qualms about naming this post appropriately. However, in spite of its real meaning to me or you, it’s the time of year that many of us binge on consumerism, and yours truly hits the hard stuff – tech toys, that is. If you spend any time reflecting on our societal holiday bender, I recommend The True Source of Greed. The post is brilliant, but if you don’t have the time or desire to read it, one line sums it up:

“No material acquisition can substitute for the experience of true intimacy and connection.”

Anyway, enough of the touchy-feely nonsense… Here’s some of my tech-toy research and recommendations from 2013:

“…finally started the book you sent me on my I pad. I read until 2:30 am. It is wonderful…I tried to read again last night and the battery wore out, I was so disappointed…. Plugged it in, can’t wait for it to fill. Thanks again Love you Mom xoxo”

Love you too, mom.

It’s frustrating to make an investment in technology and see it wasted. Kronos understands this, and that’s why we have user adoption services to help folks in your organization understand the changes coming as a result of a new technology. We’ll help you prepare and train users because when they know how to use new features and processes, they’re more productive and happier with their new system. Just like Mom.

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