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Galaxy Mandals

September 5, 2013

Galaxy MandalSometime during the long Labor Day weekend, I forgot my beloved Galaxy Nexus phone on the way into a restaurant with (Play)Joyce. Earlier, she had gently chastised me about always having my nose in “my device,” so I took the opportunity to let her know I left said device in the car. “Oh, that’s good, Honey.” I think she felt like I was making progress. What she didn’t know is that I had a beta-version of the new Samsung “Mandal-phone,” an innovative product line extension of their new “Galaxy Gear” lineup*. I’m not sure, but she may hate the mandals more than the phone. I just can’t understand why…

Anyway… It’s important I always have my device close by. Besides having to check Facebook every 15 seconds, I may have to use Workforce Mobile to request more time off. Requesting time-off through Workforce Mobile in my mandal is just so much easier than having to be at a computer.  Speaking of Workforce Mobile, Ventana Research just recognized Kronos as an innovator in mobile! Oh, and of course mobile is in the cloud, but you probably knew that was coming…

Today I’m in the office and in shoes. Yeah, it’s sad, but wearing my mandals to the office is one line in the sand I just won’t cross.

* It’s not really. I made that up…

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