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Stepping out of the Mothership

July 11, 2013

20130711-114438.jpgSitting in the corporate office, or “the mothership” as some field employees lovingly refer to it, puts me right in the middle of the information Borg, but there’s no way I can be aware of all the activities ongoing in Kronos. Sitting out in the field at today’s KronosLive event has been an education. Here are just a few things I’ve learned in the first hour of the conference:

– The Kendall Jackson Winery is a Kronos customer – I may have to stay the weekend for an on-site visit to ensure their satisfaction as a customer…

– 1.9 million Workforce Central users access the software from our cloud!

Workforce Analytics is amazing. It can combine financial, operational, and workforce metrics to reveal key, real-time insights like:
– Labor cost per unit produced in Manufacturing
– Percentage of total labor, and the cost of supplemental labor in Healthcare
– Labor cost as a % of Sales, and Sales per Labor Hour in Retail

– Yes! Our “Attestation Toolkit” is available via our mobile apps!

One thing is really standing out… These customers are smart, and ask some tough questions! Good thing we have Kronos experts here to answer them…

We still have sessions coming up over the next few weeks in Houston, Dallas, KC, St. Louis, and Minneapolis, so check us out… We’ll do it live!

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