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Escape the Dark Service Pack Forest

May 28, 2013

Remote forestService packs can be the bane of an IT professional’s existence. Well, service packs and stupid users who don’t do backups. What if you never had to install another Kronos Workforce Central service pack? Cool, right? Well, it’s possible if you just upgrade to the cloud. Really. In addition to Kronos installing application-level patches and service packs, new technical software versions, and legislative updates (if you own HR/Payroll modules), our Cloud Hosting Services provide:

  • Guaranteed service level agreements
  • Cloud hosting at a secure, hardened Kronos data center
  • Server procurement, set up, and management
  • Repair and replacement of defective or failed hardware
  • Set up, testing, and management of firewall devices, intrusion detection, and associated policies
  • Connectivity implementation and management
  • Customer-specific production and test/development environments
  • A single point of contact for all Cloud hosting activities
  • Daily incremental and full weekly backups
  • Complete monitoring of the solution environment, including the Kronos application(s)

And escape from changes occurring in the remote forest.


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