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Hockey and the Cloud (in that order…)

May 9, 2013


I’m a little tired today after an overtime hockey game last night in Toronto. Oh, I only watched it on TV, but it wrecked me. The tilt ended before 11, but I couldn’t sleep until well after midnight. I was rivited as the players raced up and down the frozen sheet at a tense, gut-wrenching pace. Anyway, I’ll keep this short to preserve my energy for tomorrow night.

I’m not much into press releases, but this one is really strong, even though a headline with “breathtaking” in it might be a wee bit of hyperbole. Hey’ it’s a press release. Still, after I read it, I shot this note to the woman responsible:

“That was one of our best press releases ever!”

Why? Here are the highlights for me:

  1. 119% growth increase in workforce management cloud revenue
  2. accelerated pace of adoption for its Workforce Ready suite in the cloud

It’s not all about the cloud (yes it is). Another interesting area driving demand for Kronos is the Affordable Care Act. That’s simply because our timekeeping, scheduling, and analytics solutions can help organizations track and manage compliance with the new legislation.

That’s it. And now to start getting psyched for Friday’s game 5…

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