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Training? We don’t need no stinkin’ training!

July 1, 2011

Actually, you do. I do. Like most, my title adaptation misquotes the classic line from “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre,” but nails the one from “Blazing Saddles,” a film I’ve actually seen… But that’s not important right now.

I’m a semi-regular attendee of Technology Services World, a bi-annual conference on, well, technology services. One of the most powerful takeaways from the past few conferences is the “consumption gap,” essentially the difference between a products features and humans ability to use them:
We find this very often when we work with customers to optimize their use of workforce management. Users haven’t been adequately trained, or trained at all, on advanced features. It seems pretty simple, right? If your users aren’t trained, they’re unlikely to be very effective using a system.  While researching this post, I found a cool article on the many benefits of training:

  • Improving employee performance
  • Enhancing company profits
  • Saving labor
  • Saving money
  • Improving a company’s competitive edge
  • Increasing worker productivity
  • Saving supervisory and administrative time and costs
  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Improving employee satisfaction and retention

One of our most successful customers makes the investment in training so they can get the highest possible return on their product investment. Their philosophy?

“Any system, no matter how good still runs at the hands of people. Education and training on that system are the foundation upon which success is built.”

We have a great team that trains thousands of Kronos customers every year. Still, most of that training is devoted to the core implementation teams, and often end users are overlooked. We can still help them.  Our comprehensive curriculum includes Instructor Led Training offerings, our 24×7 KnowledgePass education portal, and even Do-It-Yourself (DIY) & mentored end user education packages for our timekeeping, scheduling and absence management products. These editable training course materials allow customization to enhance training effectiveness by including specific customer branding, processes and terminology. Our customers love them. Here’s just one review:

“The training experience was fantastic. We were able to customize the materials with our own operations information. Making it specific to us made the examples much more real and helped our end users get up to speed more quickly.”

Technology advances keep accelerating and your competition isn’t subsiding anytime soon.

Don’t miss the train.

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  1. Nicole F. Smith (Custom Education Development Consultant) permalink
    July 1, 2011 3:44 pm

    Hello Leo,

    Love your post! Being in adult education for the past 15 years, I noticed that I have spent majority of my time convincing more executives that it is important for workplace training than actually designing or delivery trianing…”Invest now, save/gain more later”. But as we education professional think differently as in, we think outside that big cardboard box and see the BIG picture…others do not see past the packing peanuts in the box! So, I have presented the follow to CEO’s, Managers and Employees alike and here are the standard sayings/answers.

    Improving employee performance- “Oh yes…but we want them to adhere to the process…can you provide training on that?”
    Enhancing company profits – “Absolutely!”
    Saving labor – “Absolutely!”
    Saving money – “Absolutely!”
    Improving a company’s competitive edge – “Absolutely!”
    Increasing worker productivity – “Absoutely…so we do not want to spend too much having them sit in a training room…can we provide them online trianing, but you make sure they adhere?”
    Saving supervisory and administrative time and costs – “Absolutely!”
    Improving customer satisfaction – “Absolutely…how will your training do that?”
    Improving employee satisfaction and retention – “Training won’t fix that…they want money…” They do not realize that providing training in the workplace places higher than money in what satifies employees in the workplace.



  1. On second thought, maybe we do need that training… « Working Smarter Cafe

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